lifestyle design is funLifestyle design is all about living the life you want to live and doing the things that make YOU happy. Maybe working for yourself is key to your lifestyle design…maybe packing lots of travel in is also crucial for you. Perhaps your idea lifestyle involves living near a Starbucks and enjoying as many delicious lattes as you can in a day. Maybe living oceanfront, or camping oceanfront, is more your thing? Regardless of your poison, chances are your lifestyle design differs from mine and differs from all of the designs fellow Hipster readers have. Is there a common element? Yes. Play is the word.

What is Play?

So…what does play mean, anyway? The dictionary definition defines it as “to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose…”. Let’s dissect that definition and break it down a little further. Play is enjoyable action taken for the sake of enjoyment alone. Hmmm. Sounds pretty simple and pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Close your eyes for a moment next. What are actions you do for the sake of enjoyment alone?
What are some actions you wish you could do for the sake of enjoyment alone?
Start figuring out a way to sneak more of those actions into your life.

The Importance of Play?

Why is play important? For many reasons! Without play, we’d all go a little mad (and not in a good way). Life involves a lot of hard work to get and stay ahead – and although challenging work is often deeply rewarding – it’s not always fun or relaxing. Play can take you out of the details of your life’s work and give you a recharge so you have more energy for the work. Think of play to work as being like electricity to your computer. Without one, it’s impossible to have the other!

Schedule Your Play!

It’s all too easy to schedule all the stuff that’s not fun first. Dentist appointments. Business meetings. Tax attorneys. All that is important, but so is play…remember, it’s like fuel! Just as we investors say ‘pay yourself first’, it’s important to give yourself play before you start skipping it in order to get the “important” stuff done. Play, work, play, work. See where we’re going with this, Hipsters?

Key Takeaway for Lifestyle Design:
Hipsters, it’s time to start playing a little bit more and working a bit less. Even if you’re not a real estate investor, you can find ways to add play into everything you do. Got a long train commute? Bring headphones and some good tunes. Need to lose weight and love to travel? Take your lunch breaks as a time to walk around surrounding neighborhoods and see them through a fresh set of eyes. Find play everywhere you go and it will find you!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
As investors, we get a lot of free time on our hands. We can use that time to keep pushing ourselves forward, working harder, scouting out bigger and better deals…or we can take a bit of that time to recharge and play. If you make your own hours, don’t be afraid to schedule some serious play from time to time. Head up to the mountains for some fresh powder, get out and get dirty 4-wheeling, or just book a trip to Rome for fun. Remember this: pay yourself first; schedule yourself first.

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