lifestyle-designWhen it comes to organizing, which do you usually organize first: your office or your life? If you said office, you’re not alone. Most of us organize our offices and the things we see each day in our home and work environments before we dive into the way bigger stuff like our lives. What’s the point of organizing? It makes it easier to find things and contributes to greater success.

At work, it’s important – for our lives, it’s crucial. You need to have a drawer for every hobby, give your wants, musts, and somedays’ labels, and be able to access your dreams as easily as you can find a pen.

In today’s post, we’ll look at how to get started organizing your life.

1. Identify Your Dreams

Do you have a million pipe dreams on your bucket list? Guess what? Time is ticking – so don’t waste it by not exploring your dreams now. If you don’t know where to start, it’s time to identify and prioritize your dreams. Which dreams do you or can you start fulfilling now or this weekend? Which ones do you really want to achieve that require time or energy? Which dreams can take a hike? Get honest with yourself so that you can start maximizing the fun factor in your life.

2. Keep Everything Where You Can See It

One rule of thumb with organizing anything is to keep things accessible and easy to see. When you work on organizing your life, you should do the same. Make your home and work environments reflect your dreams. Buy a cheesy poster, keep quotes you love close by, and change your computer screensaver to one of your must-see vacation destinations. Don’t forget where you put your dreams by keeping them in easy to see places.

3. Don’t Forget To Dust

Dusting is important because it makes the things you love sparkle. Don’t forget to make your life sparkle. How? Revisit your dreams, take stock of what you’re doing in life – and clean off whatever simply isn’t working for you. When you treat your life with greater reverence than you treat paper weights and staplers, you reap big benefits – like having more fun and smiling more often.

Key Takeaway For Everyone:
Take your life seriously and enjoy it more. Don’t be afraid to dream and don’t be afraid to live your dreams. Get organized so that you can take action. Know what you love and go for it.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors:
Real estate investing paves the way for incredible opportunities in your life. Don’t get so lost in the game of real estate that you don’t take your turn at the game of life. Take time to smell the metaphorical roses, coffee or whatever you want. It’s easy to get caught up in the details, especially if you’re a hands-on real estate investor. Make smart decisions with investing so that you give yourself the time you need to enjoy your life (hint: buy turn-keys, hire property managers, avoid fixer-uppers).

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