lifestyle design and gardening“No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.” ~Hugh Johnson

The space in which you inhibit matters – big time.  How we live, where we live, the bodies in which we live – it’s kind of a personal thing. As they say, one man’s weed is another man’s wildflower. Food for thought, huh? Think about your own environment – and how you live.

Minimalism doesn’t work for everyone, and clutter is a motivation-killer for others. Do you need your space (mental, physical, and spiritual) spotless in order to function at your best – or do you thrive in chaos? Sure, your neighbor’s tidy herb garden -with its hammered-tin tags and arranged-by-height rows – might make Martha Stewart turn green with envy, but not you? Maybe you prefer chasing butterflies across a field choked with chicory, lavender, and queen anne’s lace. Some of us are great multi-taskers, and others must take on tasks one at a time, and see them to fruition. There’s no “better” way – just the best way for you.

Don’t force your inner flower child to mow down its pasture. Don’t suffer hay fever by gardening when you’d be better off with a desktop terrarium. Find the environment that works best for you, plant your seeds, and tend them. There’s beauty in every flower.

Grow what you love, Whatever ‘Love’ Means For You

Adore tomatoes, but turn your nose up at turnips? Don’t waste your precious time, energy, and fertile soil on things you can’t use – even if those around you are raving about how great they are. Don’t let your precious heirlooms rot on the vine because you’re toiling over trendy roots. See the root of the problem here? Spend your time on what matters most to you. And if some of those pesky plants manage to creep into your space, find someone else who can use them – or be ready to hold your nose as you choke down the fruits of your wasted labor.

Use The Right Fertilizer: Ensure Your Success

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? There are plenty of people out there trying to peddle a lot of cheaper – manure. Shop around for the best food for your garden. Turn to those you trust – the ones whose gardens practically grow themselves. Never forget that the most expensive brand isn’t always the best, nor is the cheapest the worst.

Not All Plants Are Perennial

What flourishes this summer may not return in the spring. Fact: sometimes it’s your fault, and sometimes forces beyond your control are going to screw up your garden. Whether your roses withered and died because you forgot to water them for a month or a family of raccoons ate your tulip bulbs, you’re going to have to do damage control from time to time. Worry not. Disasters happen. Once in a while, you’ll have to start over. The good news is, now that you’re an experienced gardener, you’ll know what you’re doing. This is your chance to do better, or do something completely different. Re-assess what worked in the past and focus on that, or use some of that newly cleared space to plant something new.

Takeaway For Everyone

Create the environment that works best for you and cultivate it. Don’t stress over any ‘garden’ any other than your own. Perfection, if it happens at all, sure as heck doesn’t happen overnight, and disasters are opportunities for positive change and improvement.

Takeaway For Real Estate Investors

Your investment style might be wildly different from another person’s investment style – same as with gardens. The fertilizer that works for your portfolio might not work for your buddy’s. That’s ok. Just remember that you can create great beauty with a variety of techniques – find that which works best for you and go with it. Allow things to flourish – and enjoy the beauty in them.

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