I was emailing with someone today who was talking about wanting to invest but didn’t want to do it outside of three particular zip codes near where he lived. I told him I talk to people all the time who say they don’t want to invest out of their local area, but when they say that they mean out of their state, not their immediate town! Ha. Anyway, as we were emailing, I busted out with a line that even I was impressed with! It’s my new motto I think, and I think it’s worth sharing.

Always invest within your comfort level.

Not that impressive or exciting sounding, huh?

Just make sure you are always working to expand your comfort zone!

How do you do that in investing? Education and experience.

The end.

  • Mark Ferguson

    Your comfort zone should be where the money is! Haha, easier said that done since I invest in long term rentals within 2 miles of my house. We look at flips within 45 miles.

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