Motivation: Are You Playing For Keeps?So, staying motivated to do something – anything – is one of the hardest things we humans can take on. There’s no way around it: staying true to your goals, desires and dreams is tough work. When it’s so tough, how do we stay motivated – especially when things aren’t always going exactly as we want them to?

Sure, you could try putting a photo of yourself looking 50 pounds slimmer on the fridge. You could write yourself a check for a whole bunch o’ money. But, we get it. You might look past the photo. You may laugh at the check. They’re simply not sustainable techniques….

Motivation isn’t a myth. It’s also not magic. There isn’t a prescription for it. It’s something you’ve got to tap into. Ask any successful, motivated person what their big secret for success is, and you’re going to get a different answer.

Here are some commonalities you want to consider embracing to make some big changes, er waves, in your life:

1. Get Detailed About Things

When you set a goal, how do you set it? Do you think about the big picture? Try thinking about things in minute detail. For example, if you’ve got a dream house – what does the yard look like? The breakfast nook? Think about it like you’re rehearsing for your future; it will feel a whole lot more real to you.

2. Bite Sized Chunks Are Easier to Swallow

Don’t be afraid to break your goal down into bite sized chunks. Instead of thinking you’ve got to lose 50 pounds, why not thinking you want to lose a pound in the next two weeks? Now, that’s totally doable and a lot easier to be motivated about!

3. Don’t Fear Mixing Up Your Strategy

It’s good to go in with a game plan, but as we all know, sometimes coaches have to mix things up. If your game plan got you to a certain point but isn’t working anymore, go ahead and rewrite it mid-game. It will only help you to succeed.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Don’t give up. Lasting change takes a while – but it’s so worth it. Stay true to the dreams and desires you have – they’re key to effective lifestyle design. Revisit your game plan often, dream in details and go slow but steady (it wins the race).

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
When you’re dreaming of being a successful investor, don’t be afraid to really map out what that success looks like. What kind of an investor are you? What’s in your portfolio? What are your strongest skills? To get started, go slowly. Start with something you can do – don’t focus on what you can’t. Finally, ask for help and have others look at your game plan along with you.

Remember: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them -Walt Disney

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