March to the Beat of Your Own iPhoneYou know that quote, “march to the beat of your own drum”?  Today we’re going to explore why it’s important to do just that and find out: what does it mean to you? When you ditch society’s expectations of what you should be doing with your time, life, passion and money you open the door for what you really want to be doing with all that good stuff. Life is short (yeah, we say that a lot around here) and it’s something to take seriously (actually, more seriously than almost anything else). Here are some tips on crafting a life that really stands apart:

Embrace Difference

Following the crowd can hold you back from the success – and glory! – that you should go for and enjoy. Dare to be different. Not everyone’s successful. Not everyone’s happy. To be happy and successful, you must embrace difference and all that goes along with it!

Upcycle Limitations

Think you can’t do something? Hipster dares you to do it. What limitations are you self-imposing? How are they holding you back? What do you really want but think, for whatever reason, you can’t achieve? Just because most people have certain limitations that hold them in to a “normal” life doesn’t mean you need to – or should. Gather your limitations together and upcycle them into something powerful – like bravery….

Own Your Creativity

Being creative is, inherently, being different. When you’re creative, whether it’s painting or investing, you have a unique perspective to offer and share with the world. When you follow the crowd, you have to kill your creativity in some way… and that’s a shame. It’s your ability to “think different” (think: Steve Jobs) that can propel you to the heights you secretly dream about.

Be Great

Be one in a million. What legacy do you want to leave? Dare to be that one in a million person who really makes a difference. Be the person who inspires others to live differently. When you embrace your difference, upcycle your limitations and own your natural gifts of creativity, you can achieve true greatness.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Following the crowd is easy. Sure, you could follow the predictable route and have a predictable life… but if you’re reading this, that’s probably not what you want. So: ditch the crowd and learn to soar above them.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Do you really want to follow the crowd in investing? Think back to the economic crash we recently had. If you’d been following everyone else, you would have ended up in the same sinking boat. Follow your heart, think with your head and don’t let your success get “crowded” out!

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