live-a-superhero-lifeIt’s been a long winter – even if you’re in warmer climates, the highs just haven’t been that high! It’s easy to get stuck in a boring routine of day in and day out life stuff. You may be feeling like just another spoke in the wheel. Another snowflake in a big old pile of snow! Hold on a second. You’re anything but. Every spoke in a wheel counts. Every snowflake is different in a million ways – and they all count. You count.

What makes you count? What makes you, if you will, a total superhero? A key part of effective lifestyle design is having an inner dialogue that is super, or superhero, positive. You can’t live the life of your dreams if you don’t feel like YOU can, right? When you start to feel down, or boring, or what have you – it’s time to take stock. Take stock of all that it is that makes you super.

Think back. When are some instances you truly did something heroic? Think big. Like the time you pulled an all nighter to pass Chem. Or the time you visited your grandmother in the hospital every single day for two weeks. Or the time you bought your first place (or car). Your first job. Write them down. Now think about the past two weeks. When are some times you rose to the occasion? Burned the midnight oil? Went the extra mile? Write those down, too.

Next up, think about what makes you stand out in a crowd. Is it your bright red hair? Your experiences backpacking Europe? Your amazing ability to sing a perfect note? Chances are, you’ve got plenty of things that really make you stand out. Those things – call them your superpowers!

Next up, how do you, or can you, incorporate all those times you’ve acted like a superhero with your superpowers? What’s your ideal life look like? How can you use your real strengths to get there? Make a plan. If your dream life is living in Switzerland and singing in a cover band on the weekends, go for it. How do you get there? What wealth do you need to accumulate? What connections do you need to make? What superpowers will help you to do so?

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Live a super life. Treat your life like it’s something exceptional – because it really, really is. Don’t settle: strive. Live up to your strengths. Put on your superhero cape and fly!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
If you’re a real estate investor, you already understand one pretty dazzling superpower going on: financial flexibility and freedom. When it comes to building the super life of your dreams, you’ve got that part locked down. Explore how you can expand upon your current investments to open up even more opportunities for yourself.

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