Lifestyle Designers, Take a Cue from Pablo Picasso... Hey, Hipsters. Who’s ready for an art history lesson? Okay: we promise it won’t be boring. We’re going to talk about Pablo Picasso. He is probably the most famous artist of the “cubism” movement in art. What’s cubism? It’s a style of art that totally abandoned perspective. You know – perspective is what makes paintings and drawings look more like photographs than children’s art. Things are the right size, things are in scale. Perspective is all fine and good, but cubism – what Pablo Picasso practiced – says that when we abandon perspective, good things happen. There’s beauty in abandoning perspective. So, you’re probably wondering, how on earth does this apply to you and your life? Let’s break it down.

Is Your Perspective on Things Holding You Back?

We all have routines we fall into. We wake up, we get some caffeine or juice in our bodies, we get ready for the day. We kind of see things – well, the same every day. Basically, we have the same perspective on life day in and day out. That serves us well: it helps us keep things consistent and keep chugging along at meeting our goals. However, when you see things the same way every day, it can also hold you back from taking leaps and making breakthroughs that can really catapult us to success and awesome experiences.

What Would Happen if You Shook Things Up?

Check out the image in this post:it’s supposed to be a guitar player…. See the guitar player? Pretty hard, right? Maybe you see an outline of a human shape, if you stare at it long enough. Maybe you even see a guitar? If you do, comment below! Regardless of what you see, you get that it’s a totally different perspective on what a guitar player normally would look like. Now, we’re not saying that you should make your daily life unrecognizable….but…..what would happen if you shook things up a bit?

Change is Beautiful

The image in this post is regarded as beautiful: it’s considered a work of great art. Picasso took the idea of a guitar player – what that’s supposed to look like – and flipped it on its head. His result? Tons of admirers and a place in history. Our advice? Take something in your life and flip it on its head. Do something totally differently. If you’re brave, do a few things totally differently. Pay attention to how it feels and the results you get.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
When you change your perspective, you can often solve a problem or create something new. Say see-ya to stagnation and look at something in your life with a new set of eyes – and a new paintbrush.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Stuck in an investing rut? Get out your paint brush and make a new financial picture for yourself. Talk to someone new and approach a problem from a different perspective to get different results. Take a cue from Pablo Picasso!

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