lifestyle-designerThe skaters and snowboarders reading this already know what regular vs. goofy means. For the rest of us, here’s a quick briefer. There are two ways to stand on a snowboard or skateboard: regular or goofy. It’s your natural preference for how you stand while riding. Most of us prefer to ride ‘regular’, a few of us naturally gravitate toward the ‘goofy’ stance. Which one are you? Do you prefer to ride down the mountain of life goofy or regular? If you’re not in the right stance, maybe it’s time to change things up a bit!

Riding the Mountain

It’s fun to think of life as being like a mountain. It’s a beautiful adventure that we all have to ride to the end. Along the way, we push ourselves, conquer new challenges, climb higher and coast along here and there. We’re not given a guidebook on how to get from point A to point B; mainly, we learn from others and decides what will work best for us. At some point, we’re presented with the idea: do we ride regular or goofy?

Riding Regular

It’s kind of easy to ride ‘regular’. At the alpine shop, everyone else gets their boards set up as regular. All you need to do is follow along and you can ride regular too.  Maybe a regular footing is best for you – after all, regular rose to fame for a reason. It makes getting down the mountain of life easier for a lot of people. If the way you’re getting down life’s mountain works for you, there’s no need the change it up.  You may be flying down life’s mountain, coasting from promotion to promotion and feeling proud. Good for you. Keep following your happiness and riding your mountain the way that works best for you.

Riding Goofy

Many of us never get to try out anything but regular. We can ride the mountain for years without ever having seen it done differently. Maybe we’re riding okay, but we could benefit from a new way of doing things. For some of us, once we see someone ride goofy, we can’t just go back to the regular stance. For example, if you work a 9-5 and you meet someone who works for themselves, you may want to switch from regular to goofy. Whatever works for you and your style!

Lifestyle Key Takeaway: Life is a mountain. It’s an epic journey full of twists and turns. How you ride this adventure is up to you and your personal style. If you’re happy doing regular, awesome! Keep going. If you feel like you could use a new point of view, by all means try doing things a bit…goofy.

Real Estate Investor Key Takeaway: Do you invest regular or goofy? Is everyone around you investing one way but you find yourself wanting to look into other options? If you feel like you could be doing something that would make your real estate adventure more fulfilling, thinking about changing things around and trying something new on for size. Take a new footing.





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