Lifestyle Design Lessons from the '90sTime for a Flashback Friday! Put on your favorite crop top sweater, get your leather biker jacket out of the closet, reach for a tube of berry red lipstick and let’s skateboard over into the decade that gave rise to the Gen X slacker (aka the original lifestyle designers, ha!).

Today, we’re learning about lifestyle design from the era of grunge music, flannel shirts and slap bracelets – and the movies that we loved from this great decade. If art reflects life, there are certainly lessons you can learn from some of this era’s greatest films. Let’s take a look:

1. Groundhog Day: Practice Makes Perfect

Bill Murray has one change to get it right. Make that two chances. Make that – um….well, we lost count. In life, if you don’t get it right the first time – try, try, again. Three times isn’t always a charm – sometimes 100 is your magic number.

2. Jurassic Park: Hone Those Survival Skills

We live in a world full of danger – and if we want to thrive, we’ve got to know what we want and stay focused. How much do you want to create your lifestyle? Hey, if humans can survive in a world dominated by dinos, you can probably ride out your own personal fears and find success if you’re dedicated.

3. Home Alone: Don’t Believe Everything You See

Remember how Kevin outsmarted the robbers with that swinging holiday party? The robbers left convinced there was a full house. Sometimes in life, you shouldn’t take things at face value. Something what is scaring you away from trying may just be a scared little kid who’s home alone…

4. Pulp Fiction: Personality Goes a Long Way

Jules Winnfield says, “A dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.” Even if you don’t have that much in the material realm, if you’ve got personality, you’ve got something you can leverage.

5. The Truman Show: Leave Your Comfort Zone

Truman had a nice, comfortable life… until he realized he wasn’t living an authentic life. In order to live authentically, he had to venture outside of his comfort zone – and maybe you need to, too….

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
You’re not born perfect at anything – so keep at what you’re doing and keep trying to get it right. Even when you’re surrounded by things that seem dangerous and threatening, don’t back down. Fight harder. Don’t end up intimidated by what could turn out to be little more than a show. Remember that your personality goes a long way – and that some of the best things in life are available just outside of your fear.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Real estate investing is an art – and you will learn something new with each decision and each investment. Just because things seem too big or intimidating doesn’t mean you should jump in. Don’t believe everything everyone tells you. Your personality can help you in tricky situations – and even when the going gets tough, remember that nothing worth getting ever comes that easy….

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