lifestyle-hacking Lifestyle design… what is it? It’s deciding to not be afraid to live right now. It is deciding to live fully. It’s jumping out of airplanes (with full safety gear, of course), if that’s what you want to do. Quite frankly, lifestyle design is doing whatever it is that YOU want to do. It’s also knowing that’s possible. What, exactly, is possible? Anything. Everything. Lifestyle design: it’s hearing doubts – and ignoring them. It’s pushing past fear. It’s learning to fly planes. It’s leaving your 9-5 to be a full-time investor. It’s living life to the fullest. We know you probably already know all if this, if you’re a regular reader – but it never hurts to get a reminder, eh?

So, now that we’ve gone over the merits of lifestyle design – let’s take a look at five lifestyle design hacks you don’t want to ignore – cuz, quite frankly, they rock (just like lifestyle design itself does)!


Nope, we’re not getting a kick back for talking about this amazing app – or anything at all, actually. We just think it saves you time – and lifestyle design is all about saving time.  Tell FastCustomer which company you want to talk to – and they call you back when they get in touch with an actual human being. Um – how genius is this?

2. Ditch Your Television

Okay, okay – at least lock it in a closet, a basement or somewhere hard to reach. Why? It’s a total time suck and likely, it’s taking away from your goals and values – not taking you closer to them. Simple – but oh so hard to actually do, right?

3. Say, “See Ya, Negativity”

If there are folks in your life bringing you down, it’s probably time to part ways. Whether it’s a job or an annoying friend who always seems to leave you feeling less than awesome, hit the road, jack. Negativity is so not lifestyle-design friendly.

4. Embrace Routine

At the same time as lifestyle design is all about ditching routines, routines are an essential part of sustained success (and that’s a biggie with lifestyle design). So, as you work toward freedom, don’t forget about how important it is to regularly take care of your body, your finances and yourself (make routines, and stick to them).

5. Go Off The Grid Sometimes

Sometimes, you need to go where no one can find you. That means turning off all devices. Not ‘checking’ in. It means just going off the grid and really relaxing, thinking and finding new, better ways to live and enjoy these profoundly amazing and short lives with which we are gifted.

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