Life Lessons Straight Outta the 1980’sHey Hipsters, guess what? Today is retro Friday (yes, sometimes we like to mix things up around here). So, what does that mean? We’re flashing back to the past to find some inspiration for living life to the fullest today. That’s right: some favorite 80’s songs with some really good choruses that have meaning right now.

Songs get famous for a reason. It’s a mixture of talent, good fortune, the right timing and…. a universal message that resonates with the listeners. Who says a mantra has to be a few words? How about making an entire song your mantra? Ok, put on your shades, put your hair up in a scrunchie, bust out your favorite pair of neon green leggings and hop in the DeLorean with us!

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Watch the music video here!
The idea and message here is simple but sweet. Dance. In this 80’s classic, Mr. Bowie tells us to put on our ‘red shoes and dance the blues’. When something is getting you down, sometimes the very best thing you can do is put on your dancing shoes and dance the blues away. Take a hint from Mr. Bowie: make lemons out of lemonade sometimes.

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince and the Revolution

Listen here!
Remember the artist formerly known as Prince? Oh, snap: he’s Prince again. Either way, this guy has a message to deliver in this song – and we happen to think this message is worth heeding. Sometimes, you just gotta go crazy. Let loose. Enjoy the moment. Party like it’s um, well, 1999. This song is about energy, fun and going all in. And sometimes, in life, you’ve really gotta go all in.

Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston

Watch the music video here!
Ah, Ms. Houston. The best female vocalist of all time? The verdict is still out (but some of us at Hipster happen to think so). In this tearjerker, Whitney tells us about how she searched for love. She found inspiration in the joy that young children exude. And ultimately, she found the greatest love of all in the most unlikely of places: herself. Hipsters, listen up: when we look within ourselves, we can find the most amazing things….

Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles

Watch the music video here!
Ah, this is a fun one that brings us way back. Sometimes, Hipsters, you’ve gotta fake it ‘till you make it. Even if you’re not feeling one hundred percent confident, if you want something – you gotta walk the walk anyway. This is a great tune for a confidence boost whenever you need one.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Music is inspiration – and has the power to change our lives if we listen up. So – listen up. Take these songs and bring them out whenever you need to ditch some blues, enjoy the moment, find true love or fake it till you make it.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Getting tired of numbers, numbers and more numbers? Put the books away for a little while. Find inspiration in more fun – and unlikely – places. Turn up the radio and get inspired!

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