DSC_2400The dog park is a happening place these days. For owners, it’s become a place to see and be seen; on display is everything from couture leashes to designer dogs. If you consider yourself to be the alpha-dog type in the real estate market, and in life, this post is for you. Next time you’re at the park with your favorite furry friend, step back from the fashion show the owners are putting on and take a look at what the four-legged set is doing; what you find may just inspire you!

Lesson One:
There’s Always an Alpha Dog

In any pack, there’s always that one dog who stands bigger and higher than the others. Every group of living animals, human, canine or otherwise, needs a pack leader. It’s part of our innate social order. Look around the park for that one special dog who is large and in charge (even if they are small in stature). Alpha-dogs are more confident, dominant, and bossy than the other dogs in the park…they are born leaders. They don’t let good deals pass them by. Are you an alpha dog?


Lesson Two:
Alpha Dogs are Still Part of the Group

Watch how the dogs move together as part of a group, or pack. See how the alpha dog is part of the group? Ok…they’re not at the back of the pack; they’re leading the pack. Still, they are joining in with the other dogs and being a part of something. They know what they want and they know they need help to get it. If you’re a natural top dog, be sure you still join in with other people and investors…just be sure you’re heading up your group!


Lesson Three:
Alpha Dogs Get Respect

Alpha dogs are used to a certain lifestyle…lucky them! Wherever they go, other dogs show them respect. They lick, groom and touch the top dog to show their admiration and subordination. As an alpha dog in the human world, your coworkers and friends should show you the respect you deserve. You work hard to make decisions that are good for the group and you deserve praise and gratitude; surround yourself with a group of people who treat you like the top dog you are!


Lesson Four:
Alpha Dogs Get Dirty

Just like all the other dogs, top dogs roll around in the mud, dig up weeds and jump in the water. Alpha dogs aren’t afraid to get a little dirty and neither should you. Why? Well, dirt is kinda fun for dogs. So…get a little dirty. Start exploring what’s around you. Try things that make you uneasy. Take a risk. Go dig up the weeds in your life. Take charge.


Lesson Five:
Alpha Dogs are Honest

In dog park life, the formalities are left by the fence; it’s a dog eat dog world in the park. If a dog doesn’t feel like sharing a bone, he makes it obvious fast. He’ll even growl or swat your dog away. In turn, your dog will catch on and move on to the next bone they want. When someone wants one of your bones (or properties) and you don’t want to give it to them, be clear and send them on to greener pastures. In turn, if you want a bone someone else has, try to get it. If you can’t get it, you’ll just have to find a new bone to go after…no big deal.


Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:

Get out there and get dirty. Be an alpha dog. Play nice with sellers, real estate agents and lenders but if someone’s trying to take your bone away, don’t let them. Take charge and don’t be afraid to show some teeth. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some but at the end of the day, you’re living large.

Key Takeaway for Life Inspiration:

Take risks, make friends and lead the group. Fight for what you want; sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose…but fight anyway. Living large means getting dirty sometimes, so jump in! You need a great group of friends (and don’t be afraid to lead them). Surround yourself with the positive experiences and people who egg your successes on. What are you waiting for? Get out there and grrrrrowl!

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