key-accessories-for-successful-lifestyle-designDesigner handbags. Flashy cars. Best-in-breed snowboards. McMansions. These are all accessories that often accompany a “successful” life. Well, they are accessories that are immediately apparent to the naked eye, anyway. They beg the question: is it just luck and a MasterCard that create a successful lifestyle? Our answer: not at all….

There are other important accessories that indicate whether a person is successful or not: you just can’t see them right away. They have to do with the way a person approaches life. How they operate at their very core. Let’s take a look at some of these. Think about your own life: which of these accessories do you possess? Which ones do you need to work on?

Accessory #1: Thinking Positively

Positive thinking. The concept comes up again and again, doesn’t it? Read any self-help book and you’ll be told you need to think positively to enact positive changes in your life. Is it just something everyone says? Does positive thinking really help you to actually be more successful, happier and even…luckier? Yes, it really does.

Half of life is just being there. When you’re not in a positive mindset, however, you’re not going to be places that can lead to other places. One door opens another. When you’re down or depressed, you’re probably going to be home watching television (again). We all know that not much changes when you’re watching television other than the colors on the screen, right? When you think positively, you get out more. You position yourself for success better. You open yourself up to real possibilities. You can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket – and you don’t buy a ticket unless you think there’s at least some improbable chance you’ll win!

Accessory #2: Commitment

Does staying true to a project, concept or way of thinking guarantee success? Not at all – but it sure doesn’t hurt! The most successful people in the world know the value of true commitment. Whether it’s to an ideal, a job or a goal – successful people know how to commit themselves one hundred and ten percent. Do you?  There are other things that contribute to success but one thing is true: you can’t get to Europe if you get off the airport shuttle one stop away from your home!

Accessory #3:Values

What are your values? How do you put them into practice in your life? How do they influence the direction of your future? For example: if you don’t value money – do you value a lifestyle that money can afford you? Do you value the ability to give generously to others and make big changes in the world? Do you value being able to show off your success a little bit with some flashy sidekicks – does that give you a degree of personal pride? Regardless of your personal values and how varied they may be from the next successful person, one thing is clear: you need to know what they are so that they can guide you towards achieving the success of your dreams.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Success isn’t all pomp and circumstance! It comes from an alchemy of luck, education, background and how you approach the world: how you think about it, how you commit to it and how you value it.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Why are you investing? Do you approach investments with a positive attitude? Do you put your profits toward that which you value most? Are you committed to success or do you give up when something doesn’t go quite right? Rethink your approach and give it a makeover to achieve more successes in investing!

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