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Struggle with letting go of the reigns – for even just a moment? Secretly believe you’re the only one who can get the job done right? Are you driving yourself crazy in the pursuit of perfection. Whoa, there. Time to step back and take a chill pill.  Whether you’re pursuing success as a real estate investor or you’re an interior designer hunting down vases, it’s always wise to take time out and evaluate your methods of working (so you don’t work yourself into the ground).

No one person was meant to do it all. Take the sphinxes in Egypt – they’re absolutely majestic to behold – and thousands upon thousands of people built them. O.k: want a modern day example? How about Apple Computers? It looks like Steve Jobs was the brain power behind the company, huh? While he certainly worked hard, he was actually a master at delegation. He surrounded himself with what he called A players – and then he let go of the reigns just enough so that his A players could make magic. Without delegation, the smartphone – and the computer – as you know them simply wouldn’t exist. Remember that. So, how can delegation enhance your lifestyle?

First: Get Real

The first step on your path to delegating life stuff is taking stock of what you do on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. For example: are you slugging it out doing your own taxes to save a few bucks? Might be time to find an accountant with a great reputation to do what they do best: maximize your returns and get the job done fast. Instead of wasting hours or days doing it DIY, you could be enjoying the sun, trying out a new recipe or focusing on your career. Pretty tempting, huh? O.K: what else are you braving on your own that you could delegating? Laundry? Grocery shopping (maybe try a delivery service – a lot of them are free, these days)? Car washing? House cleaning? Landscaping? Property management? The possibilities are endless. Before you go crazy on Angie’s List, though, read on!

Second: Focus

Ok. You’ve got an idea of some things you can delegate. You’ve admitted that shoveling snow is for the birds. Now what? Do you hire someone else to do everything for you and eventually go broke? Nah. Focus on the stuff that really takes time out of your life. Focus on the stuff that you really don’t enjoy. Focus on the stuff that you really need help with. Think about what life would be like if those things got taken off your plate. Measure your emotional response to that feeling and go from there. Think about delegating the stuff that you felt really strongly about.

Third: Enjoy

Now that you’ve got an amazing woman coming in to help you keep your loft clean every week, it’s time to enjoy. So what if she missed a spot here or there? You probably would have, too – but at least while she was cleaning, you were off mountain biking and then came home to a clean living space. Catch the drift? It’s a cliche, but one that carries weight: Don’t, repeat don’t, sweat the small stuff. Think like an executive. Think like an artist. Get the supplies, tools and team you need to build the companies, masterpieces and life of your dreams.

Key Takeaway for Life: Learn to let go. Learn to ask for help. Learn to delegate. Don’t sweat the small stuff – enjoy the big stuff. Do what you love and whenever you can, avoid the stuff you don’t.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors: What can you delegate? Is not having a property manager running you ragged? Would bringing a virtual assistant on board be a game changer for you? Are you slugging it out doing your own repairs to the point where just the sight of another wrench might make you sick? One word: delegate. Delegate so that you can thrive. Delegate so that you have time for more investing and more life.

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