Can you believe it’s nearly February already? For us, January has flown by, and we have a lot of awesome new things going on this year! Check them out:


Our first eBook! Turnkey Rental Properties 101

This is the FIRST EVER detailed explanation of how to buy Turnkey Real Estate! It’s all right here in our new eBook: Turnkey Rental Properties 101.

eBook-turnkey-rental-properties-101Seriously, if you are ready to invest in the absolute easiest way possible, you need to snag your copy of this book! If you’ve been around long, then you know how much we love turnkeys and how easy they can be. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn all you can about how to invest correctly and smartly!

Our very own Ali Boone gives us the lowdown on what exactly turnkeys are, where to find them, how much they cost, why passive income is so important… PLUS she breaks down the actual turnkey investment buying process into steps!

Get your copy here!

Not sold yet? No worries. We’ve got something for you too! Download a free preview of the book from this page. We’ll deliver it straight to your inbox!

Ali was Featured in Fox Business… and more!

Hipster has officially made a mark on some major networks! Ali was published on The Motley Fool and, even bigger, Fox Business! We are so excited about these opportunities to share lifestyle design and real estate investing with a larger audience.


That’s right! You get to hear from Ali right here on the blog, but this month she’s also been featured around the web in numerous places.

First, you may recognize Ali’s smiling mug right here in The Top 29 Real Estate Experts To Follow On Twitter In 2015. (Speaking of Twitter… you can follow us here!)

Any Joe Fairless fans in here? In case you missed it from December, Ali was featured in his podcast “Love is in the Air”. Listen to it now!

Hipster T-shirts… Exist!

Ali has a pile of Hipster t-shirts now that she’s ready to give out. Anyone interested? Check out these pics of folks wearing them already.


What About You?

We’re all busy setting goals and even beginning to achieve them in the new year. What about you? What are your goals for 2015 and how can we help? Leave us a note in the comments, talk to us on social media, or send us an email!

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