real estate investing ideas and tipsSneakers – really? The short answer: yes.

Sneakers really can change your entire life. Before you rush to the closest sneaks shop (and we do have a list of LA’s hottest ones), however, hold up and read this whole post. We’ll discuss the how, the why, the where – oh, yeah – and the “wow” factor that a good pair of kicks – and a regular routine of running – can bring you, your lifestyle (and, of course, your bank account)….

First of all, the kicks you wear say a lot about who you are. Believe it or not, your footwear “favoritism” says a whole bunch about who you are and the life you live. So – can you guess where we are going with this? Look down at your feet. What are you wearing? How do they reflect who you are? How do they reflect where you want to go? Are there things you would change about them? Yes? What? Your shoes – think about it – really say so much about where you’ve been, where you’re going, and most importantly – where you want to go…What do yours say?

1. Your Sneakers Reflect Where You’ve Been

Sneakers – stylish, multi-purpose, made for all (or most) terrains. If you favor sneakers, you’re in good company! Unless your kicks are brand new, right off the shelves, you will most likely show some signs of wear and tear. How far have your traveled? Have you been true to the intentions you first set when you purchased your sneakers? If not, think about ways to change that.

2.Your Sneakers Hold You Accountable

You may not agree here, but we think there are few things more depressing than a beautiful pair of sneakers just hanging out in a closet unused. You bought your sneakers for more than closet decorations, right? Time to tie up the laces and get running (or walking or biking or paddle-skating or whatever floats your unique boat). Bottom line? Don’t let GOOD intentions go to waste.

3. Your Sneakers Deliver Your Future

Sounds lame, but oh so true! Your sneakers – that which grounds you most – are what will deliver you into your future. What does that mean? Choose wisely! Consider what you want, what you need, and most of all – which pair of sneakers best aligns you with your future goals.

Key Takeaway for Everyone

You are what you wear – and in the case of your feet – your shoes are your future. Wear good shoes. Invest in them, invest in yourself. Know where to shop – get expert guidance (just ask – what fits your lifestyle). Don’t buy shoes that don’t fit right. Buy the ones that feel right, the

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors

It’s the classic Cinderella story: does the shoe fit? If it doesn’t, by no means buy it (please). Keep on shopping. Turn to boutique referral companies (such as Hipster) to find the investment property that’s the right size for you. Make sure the property you buy reflects something that will work for you – and which will carry you toward your future goals.

Your Hipster Shopping List:
Hippest Sneaker Shops in LA (if you live nearby):

Sportie LA

This is the place to go – since 1985. Home of the rarest and widest range of sneaker styles in Cali – Catch all the latest Sneaker News, Release dates and Discounts right here!

Do you like the word ‘custom’? Blends sure does. When you want personalize, high-couture service with a decidedly modern spin, Blends is your one-stop-shop for kicks that would make anyone, and we mean, anyone drool.

The name says it all – minimal rules supreme here. They def. follow the Dieter Ram philosophy to industrial design, “less is more.” Because of that alone, and it’s total hip factor, we give it a bit 5 stars! Plus, they specialize in ultra-hip Supra footwear…


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