fall-in-love-with-your-life‘Tis the season for hearts, cards, chocolates, annoying doilies (sorry if you’re into doilies) and lovers checkout lanes at the grocery store. With all of the pink and red confetti in the air, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose your focus. Whether you have someone special in your life or not, romance and love is not just for February alone (and it’s not just for your significant other). One definition of romance from the dictionary reads, “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.” Hipsters, take that definition of romance to heart. Here’s our cheat guide on how you can fall in love with your life – today.

Find Mystery

You don’t need to visit the Grand Canyon to find the mystery in your every day life. Mystery is something that is difficult or even impossible to explain. Drive by a beautiful vista on your way home from work every day? Sometimes, pull over the car and get out to take it all in. Get a telescope and gaze up at those amazing stars above us. Attend an opera and marvel at the mysterious power of the human voice. Sit in a park, take in the sun, and watch the birds come and go. Where have they been? Where are they going? Look for mystery in the simple things: it’s all around you. It really is.

Find Excitement

We all let our lives get a bit hum-drum from time to time. Between the demands of work and the need for rest, it can be difficult to find that sense of excitement we enjoyed as children and youths. Guess what? Even if it’s difficult to find it, it’s vital that you do. So, start thinking: what excites you? Have you ever sky-dived? Have you been putting off that trip to Japan for too many years to count now? Is it time to remodel your kitchen…yourself? Take on things that give you thrills. Go to an amusement park alone and ride all the coasters. Take a few risks here and there. Branch out. Introduce yourself to someone new. Try a new coffee. Brew your own coffee. Get out there and find what excites YOU!

Find Remoteness

One of the things about epic romances is that there is often a sense of solitude or remoteness within them. Lovers find times and ways to be alone. When was the last time you found time for yourself to be alone – really alone? Not at home with the TV or the cat – but in a place where you can reflect upon your past and let yourself dream about your future. Plan a camping trip. Book a hotel room in a new city or town or try the new bed and breakfast that just opened up a few miles away. Go for a hike. Get a massage. Sit in an empty church or spiritual center and be still. Plan moments of solitude in your life so can you come back renewed – and recharged for more mystery and more excitement!

Key Takeaway for Lifestyle Design:
Life is amazing. It’s mysterious, exciting, remote, majestic, giving, spontaneous and comforting all at once. There is no greater love or relationship you will ever have than the one you have with your own life. Let yourself fall in love with life – and don’t ever let that feeling go.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
We real estate investors love to stay active and find new challenges. We’re not the types who are happy working 9-5 until age 65. We want to work when we want to work and we’re not eager to retire just because we can. As investors, we already have a healthy love for life and excitement – but it’s also easy for us to lose sight of that and get bogged down by the details. Don’t! Slow down and enjoy the life you work so hard to create for yourself. Take time away from your work so that you can return to it ready for bigger and better returns!

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