how real estate investing is a little bit like baseballSpring – and baseball – are almost here. Excited? We are! Today we are drawing inspiration from one of America’s favorite past times. There’s just something about the smell of peanuts, hot dogs, cold beer and a sea of people all wearing the same hat as you, isn’t there? Beyond the decidedly American ambiance, this sport requires its players to be clever and make well-considered moves that deliver results.

Like baseball, real estate investing is both a very American endeavor – and a very mental one. There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you buy property, knowing it will work for you so that you can take a day off (or skip the job thing entirely) and eat more crackerjacks from the bleachers: like baseball, real estate investing requires you to be an ace at knowing the right moment to swing your bat. We’ve got some pro tips for you to play your best game yet! Hey Batta, Batta: Swing!

“There are only two seasons: winter & baseball” – Bill Veeck

When you play ball, or just go to every game, it stops being something you do once in a while and becomes something of an obsession. That’s o.k: to a certain extent, obsessions are a good thing. It means you’ve got a spark, you’re drive, you have goals (winning)… So, we say this: indulge your passions. Buy yourself season tickets. Get on a team. As for investing in real estate, if you love it – go with it. Don’t run from the ball. Catch it. Throw it. Have fun with your passion for investing. Find other investors to hang with – whether online or in person. Read up. Listen to pod casts. Take a swing at investing – and give it your best shot.

“I ain’t never had a job. I just always played baseball.” – Satchel Paige

The famous baseball player Satchel Paige didn’t think he had a job. Why? He loved what he did so much that it didn’t feel like work. The great players share that sentiment with Paige. They love their “jobs” and their chosen “fields”!l  Do you? Whether it’s real estate investment or running kayaking tours in Montana, do you love what you do? If you want to play a great game of life, you’ve got to love what you do. So: if you love real estate investment – and it feels more like a game than a 9-5 – celebrate that. Enjoy it. Feel the breeze of fresh air, the thrill of seeing your ROI’s increase, the exhilaration you feel on closing day. Don’t forget it.

“Baseball is like driving. It’s the one who gets home safely that counts.” – Tommy Lasorda

& real estate investment is kind of like both of those. Some investors make some pretty flashy plays. They build from the ground up – even when the ROI doesn’t make sense. They buy distressed properties and try to flip them without the proper guidance. If they were able to pull off these pretty big plays, it would be impressive. Unfortunately, that’s just not reality for most of us. Most of us are going to be most successful, in sport and in the field of real estate investment, by exerting caution, watching carefully and making our moves only when the time and the ROI is right.

Key Takeaway: Baseball may be America’s past time, but since the days of pioneers heading out west for the promise of land, real estate investment is also pretty popular here. Next time you watch a game, think about how the sport is like investment. The cautious players deliver the best results, don’t they? They also can’t deliver any results if they’re sitting in the dugout not playing – or if they just forfeit altogether. Take a cue and get out your bat: start swinging at your success.

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