Hey You, Get Lost! No Really, Get Lost. Lifestyle Design Sometimes Means Letting Go…Time for reflection and an honest answer, Hipsters. How tightly do you hold on to the reigns of your life? If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably this: pretty tight. Maybe your hands and arms even hurt from holding on so tight at the end of each day. This post is all about saying sayonara to all of that. You can have the life you want without all the control that makes you exhausted and, quite frankly, takes away your enjoyment of the things you work so hard to enjoy!

We live in a culture that encourages us to plan, plan, plan. We are married to our iPhones, our calendars, our text messages that tell us where to be and when. GPS takes us directly to the spot, without any deviations. It’s all kind of organized, predictable – and well, confining, isn’t it?

Lifestyle designers embrace the places on the map that aren’t here or there. They live to find new friends outside of the digital world. They operate on their own clocks. They use tools like iPhones and social media to get what they want when they want it – they don’t let their tools dictate their lives. Think about the difference. What is it? Freedom.

So, Hipsters, this week, we’re asking you all to try an experiment… Get lost. Take an hour. Take a day. Preferably, take a couple days. Approach this time mindfully. It’s yours to do ANYTHING you want with. Get up from your computer or tablet. Hide your phone. Take your watch off. Visualize what freedom means to you. Now, do something. Whatever pops up, go with it. Maybe you want to drive to that place you used to go as a kid with the best ice cream in the whole wide world? Maybe you want to draw a bath and soak for a while, listening to Pitchfork’s top new album of the week. Perhaps, you want to hit the open road and stop wherever you feel guided. Regardless of what strikes your fancy, go with it. This is your time. You’ve abandoned your tools for the moment. This is what life is all about. Enjoying the now.

So – once you’ve done your experiment, think about how it felt. Did you feel free? Did you renew your sense of adventure – even just a little? Fantastic! Start using your iPhone to schedule time to ditch your iPhone. Make time to just be in the moment a priority. Let go of the reigns. See where it takes you. When you’re working so hard to make a lifestyle, it’s easy to forget how to enjoy that lifestyle. Our message to you is this, and it’s an important one: don’t ever forget 😉

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Lifestyle design, when it’s successful, takes work. You’ve gotta plan so you can have those moments where you can be totally, completely free to enjoy. So: plan ‘em!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
You pay attention to the numbers. You’ve got your calculator at your side at all times. You plan for your future with each investment decision you make. But don’t forget about right now. It’s your biggest asset.

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