Hey, Lifestyle Designers: Go Back to High SchoolSuccess. Some of us get it early. Some of us seem destined for it. Some of us… really don’t. Our perceptions of who can be successful and who can’t be start early – our perceptions of our capacity for success does too. In grade school, we excel at certain subjects while others are a flop. Maybe we are praised for our artistic ability, the way we structure sentences or our ability to solve complicated math problems. Regardless, the seeds of what we can do and what we can’t do are planted early.

Get out your high school yearbook.

Think back to the folks you went to high school with. Did some of them seem destined to become doctors, fashion editors, inventors or politicians? Did some of them seem destined to become ‘do-nothings’, addicts or to just generally lead sad lives? What about the folks who were fairly average? They probably seemed destined to lead fairly average lives. What about you? What did you seem destined to do way back when? Even if this sounds crazy, make a list of people in different categories of success expectations.

Log on to Facebook, Google or Attend a Reunion

High school reunions – whether virtual or in person – are a time to really measure ourselves, reflect on previous goals and rethink the future. What are the people in your success categories doing with their lives? Did the high school class president become a mayor or congressman? Did the quirky girl from science class invent some new kind of plastic? Did the silent and angry guy at the back of homeroom end up in prison? Maybe some of the expectations you had are true – but probably not all. Some people may not be living the lives you would have expected. Some people may have gone on to do extraordinary things like rock climbing in Nepal or traveling the world with a blog when you thought they’d just get married, have kids and be townies forever.

People Will Surprise You – and You Will Surprise Yourself

So – maybe some of the people you expected to be one way are completely different. Your takeaway? No path is certain. You always have the power to change your life’s direction. Your life is a ship that can go anywhere and you are the captain steering it. You never know where you might go and it’s all up to you. As a lifestyle designer, you design the course and you follow it.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Just as your old high school classmates may surprise you, you can surprise yourself. Don’t be bound to preconceptions of what is possible for you: bind yourself to possibility and options. Design your life the way you want it.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Just because you’re not right where you want to be right now doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Even when things look prohibitive, there are walls you can easily break down if you are determined to find the way to do so.

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