Hipster has officially turned 1!

What an adorable little toddler she’s turned out to be. I can only hope, and plan for, avoiding the terrible 2’s. But if I think about how amazing this first year has been, I have every reason to believe Hipster is on her way to rocking it out for years to come.

So what is a birthday without presents and a toast! Not a fun one, that’s for sure.


Birthday Presents

First things first, let’s open birthday presents! {picturing tearing open wrapping paper, opening boxes…}
birthday-gift-realistic-01-t6f_9zf1st present. Hipster has an actual team now! Check out the new Meet the Team page to see who is working behind the scenes. What is really cool about who I work with is they are all independent from Hipster but love us and our premise enough to hang around and contribute their expertise. I can’t imagine having found better people than I did! The universe definitely had some part in all of these guys and gals joining on because they are seriously amazing.What I love about everyone being independent is they can all contribute their own individual flare and excitement from their own work and really keep the energy going. Although I’m pretty sure Florin is just in it because he likes being surrounded by girls.


Meet the Team!


Christmas_Gifts_Wrapped_In_Black_and_White_Star_Paper_with_Ribbons_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_101209-216282-8530532nd present. Hipster has received first testimonials from awesome and happy investors! What better way to broadcast those than to have a new Testimonials page. Hipster was originally set up to introduce investors to what I think to be awesome investment opportunities. Now I can take that a step further and let you hear how those opportunities are working out for investors!


Hear What People are Saying!


645966-tn_Spel296_bw3rd present. Thanks to Hipster, I was asked if I would contribute to other companies’ material and of course I gladly accepted. To be approached by all of these guys was very flattering and I look forward to meeting even more folks in the industry this year. If you aren’t following BiggerPockets, and you are a real estate investor, you are definitely missing out. Check out who I spoke with this year!


The BiggerPockets Blog
Investors Beat
ICOR: Investment Community of the Rockies


Birthday Toast (not Roast)

Although I think Roasts are hilarious, so if you have a Roast-like comment about Hipster, bring it on! Okay so I don’t know how my actual speech would go, but I can tell you things I would mention in a birthday toast to Hipster.
Starting a business is NO small task, as I’ve learned this year. I definitely understand now why starting a business is so tricky. Among other reasons, it requires constant tweaking. I really understand why success doesn’t happen overnight- because it requires nonstop adjusting. For the most part Hipster has become exactly what I envisioned, but the process to get it flowing smoothly is really nothing less than a complete wad of chaos. Talk about a great learning experience!
In trying to think of what lessons I can best convey about learning to be an entrepreneur, I have decided to share-


Lessons about Working from Home and on Your Own Schedule


Don’t forget to shower. You’d be surprised how easy this can happen when you don’t have to ever change out of your pajamas!
Please leave the house. Speaking of pajamas, it is really tempting to skip anything requiring you to leave the house simply because it means you have to change out of your pajamas. Not leaving the house can make you anti-social, lose any tan you may have, and cause you to forget to walk the dogs.
Create a to-do list every week. I find that if I don’t write out a ‘must accomplish’ list, I just keep putting everything off and don’t do anything. It’s one thing if something is required (like paying bills), but what I realize about starting a new business is none of it really has to be done. At least not in starting a business like Hipster where nothing is really getting sold. So you have to create some sense of urgency for yourself. Creating a weekly to-do list worked perfect for me. Although I’ve admittedly slipped from it some, but I’m still getting tons done.
Have activities with hard time requirements. Speaking of creating urgency for yourself, when you can work anytime you want there are suddenly a lot more hours available in a day. It’s easy to wake up, think of what you need to do that day and think, welllll I do have alllll day and night…. And then you decide to watch a movie instead. Well, I promise, it’s easy to watch a lot of movies. If you are never in a rush, things seem not to get done. So schedule activities where you have to be somewhere at a certain time with no budge room. That way you are forced to work around those activities which will create that sense of urgency which is often required to get anything done. The gym doesn’t count, as I learned, because you just end up pushing out going further and further because you don’t have to be there at a certain time.
Create flexibility boundaries. So now you’ve created full lifestyle design where you can work wherever and whenever you want. Well as you’ll quickly notice, most other people don’t have that flexibility. So hanging out with folks is really now dependent on their schedules and not yours, since technically you’re free all the time! Or if you aren’t free, you can easily move anything around you want to so you can be free. Easy. Well, be careful doing this. It’s easy to fall into a trap of constantly adjusting your schedule to fit other people’s schedules. It’s fine to do that a good bit, but if you do it all the time, where suddenly you are constantly budging for everyone else, it might give you a sudden feeling of resentment and you could get mad at your friends! This is one of the more extreme problems of working on your own, but be aware of it!
Lastly, don’t forget to pet your pets. One of my first thoughts when I knew I’d be working from home all day was how much time I would suddenly be spending with my two dogs and how much they were about to love me for being around more! Yeah, well, it’s easy to get to working and while you’re pushing off the gym and anything else requiring you to leave the house, you also likely aren’t even paying attention to those little furballs! So while you thought you’d be spending more time with them, you are actually spending less because they aren’t getting that excited attention they used to get every day when you came home from work. Because you never left! So make sure to sit on the floor a couple times a day and have that excited fun with them. And of course walk them.

Thank you Hipster for teaching me how to work on my own schedule successfully and embrace the lifestyle design that I have created for myself!


Last Words

On a serious note, I consider Hipster’s first year to be a great success. I’ve successfully done business, rode the steepest learning curve of my life without falling off, and met amazing people who make it all worth it! I only plan to build Hipster from here, make it even bigger, better, and more helpful to everyone out there. I want to do more outreach, networking, and social connecting and really get Hipster’s name out there so everyone knows that investing doesn’t have to be hard, you actually can create your dream lifestyle, and sometimes like is just a little bit more fun with some adventure in it!


And to you Hipster, Happy 1st Birthday!!


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  • Kevin C.

    Happy Bday Hipster. I love reading your articles on here and BP. Hope you will have many more Bdays to celebrate!!

    • Ali

      Thanks Kevin!!

  • Marianne D.

    Happy 1st Birthday Hipster! More years to celebrate! Cheers!

    • Ali

      Cheers! Thanks Marianne!

  • Michelle

    Happy 1st birthday Hipster!!!

  • Brandon Turner | BiggerPockets

    Happy Birthday!!!! 😉

  • Lance Ching

    Happy Birthday Hipster!!! I look forward to many more years!

    Happy Investing!!!


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