Chances are, you spend time thinking about the things you surround yourself with and buy.

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When you go out for the day, you wear outfits that match. You eat the foods you like and skip the ones you don’t. From the watch on your wrist to the road you take home each day, your life is full of options and you call the shots. What about the road your life is on? Are you deciding which direction you’re headed in or are you letting direction find you? Could you choose a more scenic and efficient road? This new year, take time to make your life and goals match who YOU are. Take charge of the life you live and tell it where you want it to go. Act like the CEO of your life, because you always have been.

Find Your Life’s Direction

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the small details of life. Thanks to smartphones and wifi, we take our work everywhere. These days, we work harder and longer than ever before. Working as hard as we do, it’s not surprising that we often lose sight of the big picture. Why are we working? What do we want to achieve? What do we want to experience? The new year is, traditionally, a time to take stock of your life. This year, take stock of your future. What do you want to accomplish in 2014? What are your personal goals? Professional? Do you need to rebrand yourself? Is it time to update your personal mission statement? Take time and draft a business plan for your future. You’re worth it.

Manage Your Operations

Once you’ve got your plan, it’s time to put it in motion. Change direction, take risks and most of all: take action. Champion yourself and your personal agenda. Surround yourself with the people with whom you work best…the people who push you forward, make you laugh and make you proud. Give yourself an office with a view you love. Give yourself a raise. Hold yourself accountable and run quarterly reports on your accomplishments. Downsize when you need to. Upgrade when it’s time. Schedule time when you’re closed for business; time to meditate, surf or simply veg.

The Key Takeaway for Life Inspiration:

Move with the current. Find your flow and go with it! Manage the day to day operations of your life with passion and skill. Enjoy every single moment, even the rough ones. It’s all learning and growing.

The Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:

Invest in your life the same way you invest in property. Rehab it. Flip it. Increase your profits. Location is everything; decide where you want to be and go there.

How will you run your life this year? Share, inspire and comment below!

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