get more powerful in your life Ah, fireworks. Beautiful. Powerful. Loud. Stunning. You just have to stop and take them in when you see them, right? They’re just one of those amazing things in life – like a beautiful view of the ocean, that feeling of taking off in a plane on an adventure – or the feel of your first investment property purchase. Basically, fireworks – they’re a human thing. A human craving.

If fireworks weren’t so key, we sure wouldn’t be seeing fireworks stands everywhere, be able to buy them at Target – or hear them blasting off all night long. Since it’s the 4th of July – and thank you to all those service men and women who have done so much to make freedom happen – we are going to talk about how to make fireworks in YOUR life. Big bangs. Beauty. Power. You with us so far? Good. Keep reading for some explosive ideas.

1. Go Big or Go Home

No one wants a small fireworks show, do they? Sure, you might need to start with some sparklers to get going – but dream bigger. Think huge. Imagine the absolute best life and dreams you can possibly think of. Draw them out. Write them out. Pinterest them. Think beauty. Think sparks. Thing WOW. Because, ultimately, when you see an amazing fireworks display – isn’t that what you’re thinking – “wow”…..keep that spirit with you all year long.

2.  Own Your Personal Power

Fireworks – when done well – are packed with power. Can you be – like a great fireworks show – packed with power, too?  How do you start building power? We suggest networking – use this blog and reach out whenever a question pops into your head. Engage on social media. Attend meet-ups. Learn what others are doing successfully and use it to your advantage. What else? Know what you’re really, really good at – and grow it. Identify that one thing you do best and nurture it like a plant you want to see flourish – that is exactly what you are, after all – a plant that’s ready to bloom. Let yourself bloom. A final note? Study other powerful people. Read, listen to podcasts – what are they doing that you can be doing, too?  Hipster has a lot of books on our website which we highly recommend so check ’em out 🙂

3. Be Heard. Be Seen.

Fireworks echo everywhere. Like a firework launching into the hemispheres, you too need to be loud and be seen. You’re not going to get where you want to go if you’re hiding under a rock, agree? Get out there. Get your name out there. Take yourself, your business and your life seriously. Do whatever you have to do to start getting loud and getting seen. Social media? Check. Networking? Check. Defining who you are? Check. Don’t be afraid to do this important step. Remember this: some fireworks are set off and they just fizzle out. Disappointing, yeah – however, the show must go on (and it does). The next firework come up bigger and better than the last. Take that to heart.

Key Takeaway For Everyone
Fireworks don’t just magically happen, especially not the best shows. They’re the result of careful planning, engineering, and technique. You can’t, and shouldn’t, expect to make your life full of fireworks overnight. That being said, when you take the time for yourself to plan and then to follow through and execute, the fireworks will start happening – and you will find yourself stepping back and saying “wow”.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors
Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned one, launching your investing career takes time, planning and careful execution (just as with a good fireworks show). Remember that. Don’t rush in. Evaluate. Learn. Engineer your plans – and then don’t be afraid to get loud, get powerful and really bring on that all-important WOW factor.

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