overcome fear blogWhat do you regret most in life? That which you did, or that which you didn’t do? It’s an age-old question, and it usually has the same answer: we regret what we didn’t do. We regret those times we didn’t act. We regret the times we were …. afraid. Yes, afraid. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid, of course: it happens to the strongest of us. It’s a natural reaction to want to protect yourself and feel secure in an uncertain, often predatory world. However, fear should not stop you from moving forward in life.

The natural order of the world is to hunt. When hunters of any species hunt, they don’t always know they’re not going to get injured or killed in the process. Hunting is not risk-free – but for so many wild-animals, it’s a natural part of the food chain. Without hunting, a large portion of the world wouldn’t eat. If the animals listened to their fear and let it guide them, they would end up starving. The question to consider is: what do you want? Do you want to eat or do you want to starve? How about starving your fears? Read on.

Discern Between Fear & Threat

Learn to discern between natural fear and a real threat. For example, if you’re afraid to go bungee jumping (as in the picture above), is it because there’s a real possibility you’ll get injured or is it because: it doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s not something you know, and it asks you to give more of yourself? Know the difference. Remember it. Apply this method of discernment toward all fear you experience and use it as a compass toward living the life of your dreams.

Your Fear: Your Call To Action

When you’re afraid of something you’re considering doing, is it because you’re actually afraid and want to avoid it at all costs? Sometimes maybe, but most of time it’s probably something you really want to do and just need a push toward doing it. Before you make the jump ahead, you end up tripping yourself up with doubts, second-guessing and fears. Use your fear as a call to action – a call to the actions you really want to do but are ‘afraid’ of. Don’t ignore your fears: discern and act.

Fear = Excitement

Believe it or not, there’s not a whole lot of difference between fear and excitement. Both are thrilling. Both are different. Both make us look at life differently. Thrill seekers, risk takers: they’re experts at discerning fear from threat and turning it into excitement. While you don’t need to pick up base jumping anytime soon, do ask yourself this next time you feel fear: “is there a way I can turn my fear into excitement?” For example, if you’re afraid of flying in a plane, book yourself a ticket to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, pack your bags and get excited. Just do it.

Key Takeaway for Everyone
Fear is natural. Fear is your friend – if you treat it as such. Learn to get along with your fear. Say hi sometimes. Check in with it. Learn more about it. Learn how to use it as a way to enjoy life more, not less. It’s so worth it.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors
Real estate investing, like absolutely everything in life, isn’t a sure thing. That being said, the results are amazing and worth the fear and uncertainty you experience from time to time. Just like wild animals who have to hunt, and feel fear, to eat – hunt your properties and kill your fear to eat better, live larger, and enjoy more.


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