How many friends do you have that spend hours upon hours convincing you why the person they are dating is a good thing? Who are they really trying to convince? You, or themselves?

What truly confident person do you know who has ever spent time trying to convince you of anything? Whether it be convince you they are a killer cool person, or convince you that their fabulous relationship is really that fabulous, or that the product they use or sell is crazy phenomenal… Yeah, anybody who has any of those things doesn’t have to spend much time at all trying to convince you of it.

I have no idea where this quote came from, but I hold it very true-

“Believe the first thing out of someone’s mouth.”

In some cases I’m sure this could mean literally the first word, but more generally, believe those first 7 seconds they say it takes to formulate a first impression. This may be harder than it seems. You may not completely comprehend exactly what it is you are feeling towards someone or something.

If someone or a business doesn’t impress you from minute one, step back, leave it/them alone, and at best, let that person or business pursue you. If they don’t, leave it be.

Expanding on this idea a little, not only believe the first thing out of someone’s mouth, but believe the first thing you feel from your gut. Don’t short yourself by not hearing out an offer or proposition, but if your initial feeling on something is “no”, go with that. Don’t entrench yourself with the details just to convince yourself it’s a good thing.


My mom always says about dating, and it can be applied to anything really, “Things never get better than how they are when they first start.” Her point? Make sure you are wooed from the start because the wooing only lessens as time goes on. Think about it.

My mom’s quote applies to investing too. If you aren’t impressed from the start with someone, slowly step away (or run, if it’s really bad). There is no reason why a professional shouldn’t impress you from the second they meet you. Personal life, yeah, maybe someone is having an off day and since business and money aren’t on the table they aren’t as concerned (although I could spend some time arguing that, but I’ll leave it for now), but when it comes to business and money, someone should be putting a much more significant effort towards you. Additionally, make a power team out of your gut and the numbers.

Step 1:             Gut feeling is good

Step 2:             The numbers are positive (first rule of investing- Don’t lose money!)

Step 3:             Pursue the deal / due diligence

Step 4:             Confirm gut feeling still good

Step 5:             Confirm the numbers are still positive

Step 6:             Seal the deal

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