Do Nice Guys (and Gals) Really Finish Last?So, you’re busy designing a life that others only dream of. You’ve got things fairly balanced. Your business is taking off. You’re really doing it. Sometimes, though, life is going to send you some obstacles. Sometimes, those obstacles are people.

Whether it’s cutting loose an employee who just isn’t working out, firing your property manager or scooping up a deal from someone else, if you consider yourself a “nice person”, you may find yourself in a dilemma or two.

The truth is, if you’re always nice to a fault, you don’t end up being very nice to yourself (and the people who depend on you). It’s good to care about others and to make them a priority, but never forget who you’re accountable to at the end of a day’s work: yourself.

You can’t make decisions that benefit you if they don’t actually benefit you. Sounds simple, and it is. However, guilt and obligation tend to complicate things.

Here are some tips to cut through the clutter and make sure you don’t finish last (even if you’re the nicest person in the whole wide world):

1. Competition is OK

Competition is a natural thing. We want to do our best – but how can we measure our progress without checking in and checking out the world around us? If you have people in your life who inspire you to compete, just go with it. Of course, you don’t want to do anything drastic to sabotage anyone!, but use the inspiration to push yourself in positive ways.

2. Your Time is Yours

Ever get sucked into conversations or activities that really don’t interest or benefit you at all? Sure, we all have things we’ve gotta do from time to time (like graduation ceremonies and besties’ weddings), but if you find yourself saying yes to a fault, it’s time to learn the power of ‘no’. You can’t design the lifestyle of your dreams if you’re filling it with things that bore or annoy you…

3. Toot Your Own Horn

Why? Well, it’s a noisy world out there and if you don’t make some noise, chances are you aren’t going to be heard. Modesty has its place and all (hmmm…the list of places is pretty small), but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be proud of the things you work hard to achieve – and let it be known!

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Don’t be too nice. Be nice enough. Make friends, avoid enemies – but assert yourself (first and foremost). You can have good sportsmanship but still win the game: learn how.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
You’re running a business. Cut out some of the emotional elements and remember that unless you profit, nobody else can either. Don’t get drawn into tenant sob stories or tales of property managers who’ve had a bad turn of luck (and that’s why they totally missed the mark the past few months). Take care of your business before you take care of others. When you do that, you’ll have more room to truly help others.

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