lifestyle design blog ideasDJ’s. D.J.’s. Disc Jockeys. DJ’s mix recorded records for an audience to enjoy. They take what is already existing – and make it enjoyable for themselves, and their fans. Great DJ’s are translators, they are designers, they are engineers. They take raw material and turn it into something impressive, fun and danceable. They know how to  color amazing art within the lines – keeping to the beat – and yet, they also know when to ditch the pre-existing laws of art and music to just create something completely outside of the record crate. Great DJ’s are incredible to watch – their control, their artistry, their inspiration… it’s all completely mesmerizing.

Whether you love records and creating your own unique mixes at the turntables, or you just love listening, you can – and should – DJ your own life. What would you rather do: listen to what other people play for you, or play what you love? Consider this quote – “If You Don’t Build Your Dreams, Someone Will Hire You To Help Build Theirs” – Tony Gaskin. Whose dreams do you want to build? DJ your own life. Own it. Love it. Get loud. Dance.

What Do You Want To Play?

First things first, what do you love? What makes you groove? Whether you love reggae, or techno, you can find a way to play what you love in a way that works with the world around you. If you’re in a techno life and you love reggae, it’s time to put on the Bob Marley and ditch The Chemical Brothers. That might mean making some changes – lifestyle, career, personal, you name it. It’s worth it. Play what you want to play so that you’re inspired to keep grooving to the beat you lay down.

If Miss Honeychurch ever takes to live as she plays, it will be very exciting–both for us and for her.
― E.M. Forster

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Loud.

Ok. So you’ve figured out what you want to play and you’ve got some records on the table. You’re mixing up some pretty powerful tunes – but can anyone actually hear it? Can you? Don’t be afraid to get loud. Turn up the volume. Remember, no one can enjoy what you’re doing unless you give them the opportunity to hear (and see) it. Remember the saying – the squeaky wheel gets the grease? When it comes to life, and to DJ’ing – the loudest DJ gets the fans. Turn up the volume. Be brave. Let other people see how awesome you -your work, your hobbies, the general things that make you ‘you’ – really are.

Don’t Drop The Beat.

Once you’ve got a good beat going, keep it up. Keep the beat you lay down. The beat keeps the music going forward. It grounds us. It gives us something to hold on to. Push yourself into new musical territories, explore new records, adapt more complicated beats. Throw in some scratches here and there. Still, don’t drop the beat. Stick to the basics and add more in as you get comfortable. Remember your focus. Remember what’s important. Prioritize.

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors:
As a real estate investor, you already get this. You make your own rules. You lay down your own beats. You’re not afraid to get loud. You pick out your own records – and you go searching for the best deals. You know how to find good vintage vinyl without cracks. Don’t lose sight of why you’re choosing this path: DJ your own career to DJ your own life.

Key Takeaway For Everyone:
It’s a jungle sometimes (it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under ) – o.k that’s totally a Grandmaster Flash reference. Anyway, lifestyle design is all about creating your own life. Picking out the records you love and playing them loud. Putting your own spin on the beat you dance to. Design your life. Learn to scratch. Go for it.


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