challenge-your-beliefsWhat do you believe about yourself? About your future? About what you can do in one day? About how much money you make? About business? About life in general? Most of us are raised to believe there is a set of limitations.

In a way, it’s helpful to have limits. We need to know we can’t say…walk on water…or if we jump off a building, we’ll fall – not fly (yikes). So, some limits we believe in are for very good reasons. Some beliefs, however, just limit us big time.

Don’t let yourself become limited by false beliefs. Demand more of yourself – and your life…

How False Beliefs Happen

False beliefs come from fear. Maybe we started a business in the past and it didn’t work out – so you think you can’t start another one because it won’t work out this time. Well… maybe you learned a lot from your first time at the bat and maybe this time will be way different! Or – you lost a lot of money before on an investment and you believe you’re not good at investing… again, you probably learned a thing or two and maybe it was a fluke. We formulate beliefs based on fear of danger – but sometimes these beliefs we form are in fact the real danger….

Challenging False Beliefs

To rewrite your future and life, you need to challenge your false beliefs. First, get a pen and paper (or keyboard). Get honest with yourself. Make categories: life, business, future, success, ambition and whatever other categories resonate for you. Now, address each category with beliefs you hold. Write it out. You may find some of these beliefs are, in fact, grounded. You’ll also find that some of these beliefs are not and are holding you back from being the person you would love to be and living the life you really want.

Rewrite Your Beliefs

Now that you’ve challenged your false beliefs, it’s time to rewrite them. Take the business example. So one business didn’t work out but you still love the idea of being a successful business owner: ok, look at the qualities you have that would make you excel in this capacity. Are you a math rockstar? Do you have a natural aptitude for managing multiple tasks and people? What are examples from your past that you can draw from of how you’d ace running a business? Rewrite your past beliefs with the facts….

Key Takeaway for Everyone:

Don’t hold yourself back. You know the saying, “you are your own worse enemy?’…. Be your own best friend. Advocate for yourself. Go for it. Allow yourself to expect the best. Don’t let the worst case scenario be your MO.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:

Sometimes an investment may not work out as you plan. It goes with the territory. That being said, when you make wise decisions real estate is one of the most stable ways to build long-term wealth. So, if something doesn’t go the way you thought it would don’t start writing a bunch of false beliefs about yourself. With the right knowledge and support, you can be successful in real estate investing!

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