champagneAs an investor, you’re fairly used to flying solo. It’s one of the perks of the job, right? You make your own hours and set your own time. If one week you’d rather be off in Colorado snowboarding down a black diamond run, as an investor – you can do it (although finding someone with a similar lifestyle to your own may be a bit more tricky). The bottom line is this: we investors get used to a certain amount of personal space and freedom. Big bonus, right? One potential drawback, however, for us investors is that we don’t get much time to celebrate our successes with anyone. It’s hard getting friends and family excited about our real estate successes, and yet, it’s as important to celebrate as it is for the 9-5 work world to toast over promotions and coups.

How Do You Define Success in Real Estate Investment

In the regular cubicle world, goals are clearly defined and when we make achievements, it’s fairly obvious. In real estate investment, we’re often working on many different goals at once, from property to property. Just as with any regular job or venture, it’s a good idea to define a ladder of success for yourself so that you know when you’re hitting the mark (or missing it). When you reach certain benchmarks as an investor, it’s important to take a step back and reflect upon how you got there and how, exactly, you’re going to push yourself up to the next one!

When Do You Check In On Your Goals?

When do you check in on your goals? If you don’t ever set aside time to check in and hold yourself accountable, you could be losing some serious celebrating time. Schedule time each quarter for you to kick back and have a meeting – with yourself. Sometimes, you may  be pleaseantly surprised (woot!) and sometimes you may need to buckle down and stick to the basics. Either way, checking in wiith yourself is a great way to keep going up, up and beyond to the life and career of your dreams!

Send Out Invites and Party

Yay! You did it. You made a goal, you crushed it, you recognized it, and now it’s time to kick loose and break out the Gray Goose. Good for you! The problem a lot of us investors have is finding co-workers with whom we can celebrate our successes because, by nature, investors fly solo. Start cultivating a community of like-minded investors who can be there to help guide you to meet your goals (and to help drink the champagne when you do). Online forums, fellow bloggers and are all great places to meet up with co-conspirators who will be there to party and champion your successes. Just get out and find them!

Key Takeaway: Real estate investment has lots of perks, but structure and coworkers aren’t part of it. As an investor, it’s important to get out there and give yourself structure, a sense of accountability and a sense of camaraderie. After all, we all need a little help from our friends, right?



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