Have you heard of the BRRRR+turnkey model? This is an opportunity to combine the BRRRR investing strategy with turnkeys and get the best of both worlds!

Check out this video from our developer who is offering these properties to hear a little more about what this is all about —

So, to clarify: you have the ability with these properties to force appreciation while still getting the benefit of the turnkey provider doing all the work for you.

So let’s say you put $100k into buying the distressed property and the rehab, but suddenly thanks to the forced appreciation the property is now worth $120k or $130. That’s free money to you!

Note: this is a more advanced strategy than buying standard turnkeys and there are risks involved!

If you are interested in joining our trip on Sept. 27-29th to tour these operations and properties (Ali will be there!), click here:

Purchase information:

  • All rehabs are completed by a licensed general contractor (no B-team rehabs!)
  • Rehabs ≤ 4 months
  • If rehab takes longer than 4 months, TK provider will pay you full rental amount every month despite vacancy.
  • CASH PURCHASES- purchases must be made in cash. Cash can be retrieved after cash-out refinance.

Baltimore market:

Baltimore is smoking hot. It is one of the only healthy real estate markets that can produce a 10%+ cap rate on a quality 100K+ single family rental property in today’s market.

Baltimore rents have been increasing year over year (Realtor.com) and, while home prices are rising as well, they are still below the pre-recession peak (FHFA.com) which means you can still buy low and rent high to maximize your cash flow margin.

And over 50% of residents in the city of Baltimore rent (compared to 36% national average) so, as unemployment remains below the national average, this produces high rental demand and a substantial pool of qualified tenants.  

  • Home prices are still well below the pre-recession peak (FHFA.com) which means optimal price to rent ratios.
  • Unemployment rate below the national average (BLS.gov)
  • Job creation is attracting quality tenants as Baltimore was named one of the “Top 5 Best U.S. Cities to Find Work” (Careerist.com).
  • Median household income in Baltimore MSA is 30% higher than national average (Census.gov)

Get a look at some of the BRRRR Baltimore properties HERE.

Interested in the Baltimore Fly-N-Buy trip? Get more details and let us know you’re coming by emailing ali@hipsterinvestments.com. We’d love to see you there!

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