Tips on coming up with a personal mantra that’s the right blend for you!


Believe it or not, brewing up a mantra that’s the right fit for you is amazingly similar to finding the right blend of hops and grains for your ideal brew. When you brew your own beer, you need good equipment, the right ingredients and a spirit of experimentation. Same rules apply when it comes to brewing your own mantra. Like beer, mantras can become anything you want or need them to be. They can be longish affirmations or short statements of power; they can even be sounds strung together that carry personal meaning for you. If you’re ready to make up your own signature home brew that’s 100% you, keep on reading!


Water Your Mantra

The first step in making beer is using lots of water; beer, like our bodies, is mainly composed of water. Approach your mantra as though it is like water;  allow your personality to ebb and flow through it (the way water does). Keep fluidity in mind… Your mantra does not need to rigid to be perfect, although if you need it to, it’s easy enough to scoop up into a cup and drink from it.


Malt Your Mantra

An important step in beer making is the grain. With barley, you’ll need to spread it out and add water to it. The barley then germinates and is sent through a kiln which actually stops the germination process. The barley is then malted, and this malt helps create alcohol and adds sweetness to the beer later on. Like malting barley, malt your mantra. That is; find something that works for you. Whether it’s a sound or a word or a series of sounds; does it sound right for you? Yes? Great? Your mantra is starting to germinate. Don’t start watering it and putting it out in the sun to grow; do the opposite. Instead, put your mantra into a ‘metaphorical kiln’ for a bit. Forget it’s in there and walk away. When you’re ready, come back. Don’t worry, it’ll still be there!


Make Your Mantra Hoppy

Ah, hops! The magical seasoning used in all beer; the reason some beers are more bitter than others while some are fragrant or sweet. Hops are where a brewmaster can really shine in making a new creation. Here, you can too. Now that your malted mantra is ready, it’s time to add in some hops. Your hops are words which either make you feel good or make you feel like getting out there and getting things done. How motivational do you want your mantra to be? How sweet? Play around and try several samples before you pick your final mix.


Ferment Your Mantra

Once you’ve got your water, malted barley, hops and yeast, it’s time to mash, boil, cool, and finally, ferment your new brew. Fermentation is what turns all those fantastic ingredients into an intoxicating alcohol, or in your case, an intoxicating new life mantra. Give your mantra time to ferment and allow all of its different ingredients to become powerful for your life. In home beer brewing, the fermentation process typically takes at least 36 hours to complete. How will you know when your mantra is done fermenting? When beer is fermenting successfully, it will start to bubble and foam. After some time away from your mantra, it should start to bubble up in your mind and spread like foam when you’re least expecting it. Something stressful happening at work? All of a sudden, your mantra is there to the rescue! That’s a fermented mantra. Toast all around!


Key Takeaway for Everyone:

So, now that you’ve brewed up your own mantra, and you’re sitting down to drink it; enjoy. Drink your mantra with abandon and let its special elixir work magic in your life. You’ve worked hard for it. And don’t forget that as with beer and, pretty much everything else, if you end up not totally loving your new homebrewed mantra (or just want to change things up), you can always go back to the drawing board (time and time again!).

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:

Investors can have a lot of different pans on their stove going at all time. Sometimes, what worked for a while just stops working one day. Instead of giving up, maybe it’s time to indulge in some spirits and libations and brew up a new real estate mantra for yourself, using the fun steps above.

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