6 Essential Considerations When Looking at Real Estate Statistics & Data

No doubt, statistics and data can play a huge role in what investments are likely to succeed and which ones have a higher chance of tanking. Both of these, statistics and data, can give a very good picture as to the potential future of an investment or an investment’s potential. However, I oftentimes hear people justifying a particular investment based solely off some quoted pile of statistics or computerized ...

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Live a Superhero Life

It’s been a long winter - even if you’re in warmer climates, the highs just haven’t been that high! It’s easy to get stuck in a boring routine of day in and day out life stuff. You may be feeling like just another spoke in the wheel. Another snowflake in a big old pile of snow! Hold on a second. You’re anything but. Every spoke ...

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How to Survive Real Estate Investing: 12 Life-Changing Tips

What better way to celebrate a weekend than to sit back, relax about investing, and gain a little motivation? Whether you are a brand new investor and struggling over the hurdles of getting started, or you are a more advanced investor and just hitting the usual obstacles, it always helps to take a deep breath, exhale, and calm down. The perfect analogy is lifting weights at the gym. Almost every ...

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Rule Your Life: A Lifestyle Designer’s Guide

We talk a lot about lifestyle design at Hipster Investments. As we see it, real estate investing and lifestyle design are peas in a pod. Lifestyle designers want and need the ability to work from anywhere, the ability to make our own hours and access to steady (and reliable) cash flow. Real estate investment answers these needs in spades! One of the things we love about lifestyle design is the ...

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3 Ways to Cash Flow Via Rental Properties

Okay, so call us a little nerdy but we are super-excited for a graphic we just created. Let us know what you think in the comments below. This graphic answers two questions: “How much can I make owning rental properties?” “Is leveraging better than paying all cash for rental properties??” Our answer? Check it out in our new infographic, 3 Ways to Cash Flow Via Rental Properties with information on how ...

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Busting Internet Turnkey Myths All Day!

While the internet can be extremely helpful in teaching real estate investing (especially since we didn't learn anything about it in school!), it can also be very misleading and cause confusion as you're trying to get started. While we're sure people have the best of intentions (we can only hope), a lot of things people say on the internet are just not accurate. In support of helping you on your ...

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Surviving the Hell We Call Property Management

To invest out-of-state or to not invest out-of-state? That is the question. You mean I might have to trust someone else to take care of my property? Have you lost your mind? Yes, I have lost my mind. Welcome to the idea of professional property management. Property managers don’t have good reputations (and rightfully so in most cases). I get it. I actually don’t argue the reputation because ...

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Spring Cleaning Your Life: The Spirit of Transition

Ah, March. It's a complicated month. It's muddy. It's warm and then it's cold. Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes you're walking outside and the sun's hot rays take you by surprise after a long winter. March is a time of transition. It's neither winter nor spring. It's one of those in-between months. In life, we all have in-between months, don't we? Times when we are neither here nor ...

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