What Can YOU Do in One Day?

When we talk about productivity and getting things done, we usually talk about completion dates in the future. Down the road. Some day. When a deadline is somewhere down the line, it becomes less real. It becomes a lot easier to put it off - whether it’s graduating from college or actually making time to relax. Life gets in the way - it has a funny way of doing ...

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5 Risks of Buying Rental Properties in Declining Markets

You’ve probably heard that the key to real estate investing is “location, location, location.” This is true for all different aspects of a property’s location—the larger metro market it is located in, the specific area of town, and even the specific neighborhood. Some cities can literally vary street to street in terms of where is good to buy and where isn’t good to buy. The very ...

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4 Tips to Combat the Analysis Paralysis That Comes From TMI (Too Much Information)

Man, can I think of plenty of places there is just way “too much information” (TMI) floating around these days. Do I even have to mention seeing what people eat for breakfast every morning on social media? It’s not new news that we have absurd amounts of information floating around the internet, social media, and cell phones these days, but is it affecting real estate investors too? Yes! When ...

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Lifestyle Design Hacks You Won’t Regret

Lifestyle design... what is it? It's deciding to not be afraid to live right now. It is deciding to live fully. It's jumping out of airplanes (with full safety gear, of course), if that's what you want to do. Quite frankly, lifestyle design is doing whatever it is that YOU want to do. It's also knowing that's possible. What, exactly, is possible? Anything. Everything. Lifestyle design: it's hearing doubts - ...

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Pay All Cash or Leverage a Property? An Amateur Analysis.

I was asked my opinion on whether someone should pay all cash for an investment property so they can borrow against it, or leverage it. I definitely don’t claim to be an expert, but based on my calculations and experience, I think leverage is the way to go every time. Two main reasons: 1. Your cash-on-cash return will be significantly higher, and 2. Your personal risk is less because you are ...

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4 Spectacular Ways Passive Income Can Change How You Live Your Life

Sure, you may know what passive income is. Sure, you may think the idea of not having to work for your money sounds cool. Sure, you may know that having extra money in your pocket each month is great. But do you really understand how freakishly essential passive income is in making your life awesome? Awesome, how? Great question! Glad you asked. Before I go any further, though, I want ...

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One Secret Advantage to Turnkey Real Estate You Don’t Know About

Turnkey? What in the world is that? It’s a method of buying an investment property. Most people who buy turnkeys buy them because they live in an area where it doesn’t make sense to invest, so they have to be long-distance owners. Or, they have full-time jobs and/or families and are limited on how much time they can spend on an investment property. Turnkey means (usually) that ...

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