Your Life is a Product of Brand “You”

So: you’re not a pro-marketer, right? Well…. you kind of are (in a way). In your life, you market your brand to the world day in and day out. What brand? Brand “You”.  It’s about what you decide to share with the world and how you present yourself. Just as marketers decide what aspects of a product they are going to share, and how they are going to ...

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I was reading an entrepreneur article earlier today, and I was excited to hear the author express some of the same frustrations I've had during my ongoing journey to entrepreneurship. She mentions how she struggles and fights and works to become successful on her own, and while she is doing that, she hears about the 20-somethings who have just become billionaires with some business or invention idea, with what seems ...

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One Secret Advantage to Turnkey Real Estate You Don’t Know About

Turnkey? What in the world is that? It’s a method of buying an investment property. Most people who buy turnkeys buy them because they live in an area where it doesn’t make sense to invest, so they have to be long-distance owners. Or, they have full-time jobs and/or families and are limited on how much time they can spend on an investment property. Turnkey means (usually) that ...

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Real Estate as a Hedge Against Inflation

Why do houses appreciate? It’s not because they get better with time because they most certainly don’t. They can actually get pretty worn out and require substantial repairs. So then what causes the famous appreciation so many people buy houses for? Inflation. The CNN news headline on TV this morning was “America’s economy held hostage!” Merry Christmas everyone, we’re all doomed. At least that seems to ...

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What Snowboarding Can Teach Us About Real Estate Investing Strategy

It’s the right time of year for it, no? Well, for most parts of the country, it is definitely winter sports time—or at least winter sports temperature. Here in Los Angeles, not so much, as I was walking the beach in shorts and flip flops earlier. But my intent is not to rub in LA’s fantastic weather but rather to apply an analogy of winter season to ...

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Hey, Lifestyle Designers: Go Back to High School

Success. Some of us get it early. Some of us seem destined for it. Some of us… really don’t. Our perceptions of who can be successful and who can’t be start early - our perceptions of our capacity for success does too. In grade school, we excel at certain subjects while others are a flop. Maybe we are praised for our artistic ability, the way we structure sentences ...

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Why I Buy Turnkey Rental Properties and How I Know Where to Buy Them.

So most of my investing lately has been in turkey rental properties. Some people discourage turnkeys because the purchase prices are seemingly higher than what they think you should be able to get a good investment property for, or because the calculated returns aren't "as high" as if you buy a normal property and rehab it yourself. Well, to briefly counter both of those arguments- if you have the desire ...

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The Truth About Active Income vs. Passive Income

Oh yes, there is a difference. More than you know. You may already know there is a difference and you may know generally what that difference is, but it’s likely you don’t truly grasp the implications of those differences. For the record, there is nothing wrong with either of them. But if you want to maximize your returns down the road, you do want to make sure you ...

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