The One Critical Question Investors Forget to Ask When Shopping for Rentals

There is a lot that goes into what makes a rental property a good investment or not. In fact, most properties don’t actually make good investments. But what exactly determines if a property will make a good rental property? Typically, the primary factors are the numbers and the location. The numbers matter more than anything, but location will determine whether or not the projected numbers will hold up. Someone ...

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Put a New Filter on Your Life

Once upon a time - way back when (say, the 1980’s), taking photographs was a whole lot more simple. The point and shoot camera had taken over the market and collectively, everyone marveled at the simplicity and resolution. Fast forward to today, and taking photos has become revolutionized. Whereas maybe once, you waited for a party to show off your awesome pics, now you can post play-by-play photos of virtually ...

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Rental Property Numbers so Easy You Can Calculate Them on a Napkin

The numbers. In this industry, you must love the numbers. Love them like they are part of you. For good or for bad, ‘til death do you part, never leave the numbers. One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how I go about a property once I find it. What do I do, what do I look at, how do I know if it’s “the one”? There ...

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25 Items You May Be Able to Write Off for Rental Properties

Note: I am not a licensed accountant. You should consult a professional licensed accountant for all of your tax and investment matters. This article should be used for nothing more than an idea of the kinds of things you can write off on your rental property investments. It is not in any way meant to be an instructional manual for your taxes. It’s tax season! Nothing is more exciting ...

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Real Estate Investors: Treat Your Customers With Respect

As real estate investors, we don't need to be say be - Nordstrom - but - it is important to hold down a baseline of respect with your customers (tenants, vendors, property managers, agents, promoters, etc...).  Cultivating a culture of true respect and customer service will set you apart as a real estate investor - creating friendly, positive relationships with those with whom you do business is crucial to your ...

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4 Reasons to LOVE Owning Real Property (Over Stocks, REITS & Notes)

How many times have you seen people ask whether it’s better to invest in real estate or stocks/mutual funds? What about investing in a REIT versus a rental property? What about notes versus rental properties? What about flipping a property versus owning a rental property? There is a category embedded in those debates that I want you to consider: real property. What is real property? When you hear ...

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Say Goodbye to Your Comfort Zone

The title says a lot, doesn’t it? Your comfort zone… what, exactly is that, anyway? Your bed? Your couch? Your bedroom? Metaphorically: yes, yes and yes. It’s a place where you feel safe and cozy. Protected from danger. Well, comfortable. What does your comfort zone look like? How much time do you spend in it? Before we go into some specifics on ditching your comfort zone (hopefully, forever), ...

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Good News! You Don’t Have to Trust Anyone in the REI Business.

Shocking, no? You do realize there is nothing you can’t check up on with a real estate investment deal, right? It doesn’t matter who tells you something is a good deal, whether they are a saint or a crook, you can decide for yourself whether the deal is legitimate or not. Real estate investing is, unfortunately, an industry that has had a lot of scams and bad deals ...

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