What Can YOU Do in One Day?

When we talk about productivity and getting things done, we usually talk about completion dates in the future. Down the road. Some day. When a deadline is somewhere down the line, it becomes less real. It becomes a lot easier to put it off - whether it’s graduating from college or actually making time to relax. Life gets in the way - it has a funny way of doing ...

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DJ Your Own Life

DJ's. D.J.'s. Disc Jockeys. DJ's mix recorded records for an audience to enjoy. They take what is already existing - and make it enjoyable for themselves, and their fans. Great DJ's are translators, they are designers, they are engineers. They take raw material and turn it into something impressive, fun and danceable. They know how to  color amazing art within the lines - keeping to the beat - ...

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Learn to Love The Micro-Vacation

Tablets. Smartphones. Wi-Fi. Laptops. Flexible work-spaces. Emails. Text messaging. Good old-fashioned phone calls. Does it ever end? Today is Friday - and as we come upon another weekend, let's take a step back and think about what weekends mean. Beyond the literal meaning of the end of the week, the weekend functions as something of a bookend between weeks. What is the purpose of the bookend? Bookends hold up books; ...

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Invest In A Calculator, Not A Guru

Hipster thinks real estate investment is the height of cool. Why? We approach investing as a way to connect with the things we love most - the things we really want to do. It's an amazing feeling - owning property, letting it appreciate it, and getting real cash-flow from your work. Turnkey real estate investing has legs that take you from where you to be to where you want to ...

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What is Your Dream Birthday Party?

The cat is now out of the bag: Hipster is coming up on our big 2nd birthday. Birthdays are a ritual: they are a time to reflect upon the past year of successes and to really celebrate both our accomplishments and the beginning of a new, amazing year. Birthdays also mark a momentous occasion in your life or your company's: its actual birth. It's important to take stock of what ...

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Why Long-Distance Relationships in Real Estate are a Good Idea

Long distance relationships get a bad rap. They’re complicated, messy and simply don’t work, right? When it comes to real estate, however, distance is a good thing. Why? Think about it in terms of farming. Real estate investors grow wealth; farmers grow food. Successful farmers usually live apart from their farms (even if it’s just half a mile down the road). Gardeners grow their greens in their ...

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What Snowboarding Can Teach Us About Real Estate Investing Strategy

It’s the right time of year for it, no? Well, for most parts of the country, it is definitely winter sports time—or at least winter sports temperature. Here in Los Angeles, not so much, as I was walking the beach in shorts and flip flops earlier. But my intent is not to rub in LA’s fantastic weather but rather to apply an analogy of winter season to ...

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4 Life-Changing Lessons My Real Estate Mentor Taught Me

There is no question about it—everyone in this industry needs a mentor. I can truly say that if I didn’t have the mentor that I do, I wouldn’t have made it this far—if not just for his teachings, but for his moral support during my freak outs. I’d say the latter has been the most important, but all the while, there is no reason to ...

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