Just In: FOURplex!

Note: This Property Has Now Sold We talk a lot about Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, on this blog (did you catch the amazing webinar?) - and for good reason. Philadelphia is amazing for us real estate investors. Appreciation is on the upswing - but it's still got a lot of upward momentum going forward (exactly what you want to look for when you invest in real estate). Beyond ...

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When There’s Too Much Traffic in Your Life, Take the Bike Path; A Different Approach for Life and Investment!

We’re a few weeks into 2014 and a lot of us are starting to feel the time crunch.  Work, home, staying in shape, getting our finances in order, making time for family, making time for friends…oh, and remembering to stop and smell the roses from time to time. We’ve got a lot on our plates, don’t we? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Instead ...

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Give Yourself a Promotion in 2014: Become the CEO of Your Life

Chances are, you spend time thinking about the things you surround yourself with and buy. When you go out for the day, you wear outfits that match. You eat the foods you like and skip the ones you don’t. From the watch on your wrist to the road you take home each day, your life is full of options and you call the shots. What about the road your ...

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Time for an Income Check-Up?

Are you happy with how you make a living? A lot of us, sadly, simply aren’t. We may have mixed-up feelings about what we do for work. There are probably parts of it that really resonate with us - and other things that simply don’t jive. We may not believe in the mission of the work, we may not feel we are earning what we deserve, we may ...

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Lifestyle Design Lessons from the ‘90s

Time for a Flashback Friday! Put on your favorite crop top sweater, get your leather biker jacket out of the closet, reach for a tube of berry red lipstick and let’s skateboard over into the decade that gave rise to the Gen X slacker (aka the original lifestyle designers, ha!). Today, we’re learning about lifestyle design from the era of grunge music, flannel shirts and slap bracelets - ...

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A Quick Analysis of U.S. Cities for Rental Property Investments.

In response to a blog I saw online, I had commented with a quick analysis of some great rental markets out there right now. The conversation was about markets having either good cash flow, appreciation potential, or both. Here was my analysis. Remember, I just taught you the difference in the macro- versus micro-markets. This list is all macros, just FYI. And it pertains to buy-and-holds only. The Good: (good ...

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Finding Inspiration

What inspires you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Coffee? Your dreams? Your dog? Your alarm clock? The thrill of making deals and making money? All of the above? At Hipster, we like to collect inspiration as much as we like to collect properties and friends. Inspiration for success is everywhere in our daily lives - from looking out the window at a beautiful tree to reflecting ...

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The Art of Strategy in Lifestyle Design

Ah, strategies. According to Wikipedia, a strategy is “a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.” They’re used to win wars, win football games and win in the boardroom.  Generally, it’s a system of setting goals and plans to achieve these goals that help guarantee success in the long-term. Is designing - and living - the life of your dreams a biggie ...

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8 Steps to Survive Real Estate Investing’s Inevitable Challenges

There is literally only one reason real estate investors succeed. Get your notebook out, get a fat magic marker out, and write this one word down on a sheet of paper that you can post somewhere and see it everywhere you go. Or set a reminder on your phone for daily reminders of this one word. Ready for it? Perseverance. That’s right. That’s all you need to know ...

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