If you have never read the BiggerPockets website, you are missing out as an investor. BiggerPockets is awesome. They have a forum where you can post any question you have and the community can respond, they have awesome blogs that are incredibly educational and cover several aspects of real estate investing, and it’s really a great way to explore the world of real estate investing.


The best part? I got asked to write for them! I have to be honest, I’m a bit flattered.

So far I’ve written five articles for them:

  • Rental Property Numbers so Easy You Can Calculate Them on a Napkin
  • A Challenge in Creative Financing
  • 3 Reasons Why Success in Real Estate Investing Doesn’t Happen Overnight
  • Real Estate as a Hedge Against Inflation
  • Out-of-State Real Estate Investing 101

I’ve gotten great responses so far and I look forward to continuing to write for the site.

My articles get published every Saturday so be sure to check in each week!

So here is your chance. Give me some ideas of what to write about! I won’t be able to write about something I don’t know much about, but if that’s the case with your suggestion I will let you know. Otherwise, I’d love to hear what you would like to read about. My specialties are rental properties, out-of-state investing, property management, creative financing, and real estate investing mentalities.

Come on, give me what you’ve got!

  • Sudha

    Hi Ali,
    I am looking for good cash flow property to add to my portfolio. Can you please add me to your buyer list..very motivated investor here

    • Ali

      Hi Sudha! We don’t keep a buyers list but make sure you are subscribed to the site so you get all the updates and if you are looking to buy, reach out on the Contact Page and we can discuss with you there.

  • John K Conway

    Hope all is well Ali. I saw your BP article on investor clubs. Well done. I’m not sure what your goal is for this website, but maybe you want to consider cross posting here what you write there. It would be nice to have all of your writing on one page. Keep up the good work!

    • Ali

      Hey John! How are you? Long time, no talk. (ok maybe not that long). You know, I would absolutely love to combine articles (it would certainly make my website beefier with more blogs!), but unfortunately anything I write for BP, BP owns and I’m not allowed to put it on my site. Wait, is that right? Or did I just make that up? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works 🙁

  • Kristen

    Hi There,

    I thought of a few topics that might be good for bigger pockets, maybe they are of interest to you:

    – Exit Strategies to consider when buying a property, i.e. what factors are important to think about long term (15 or 30 year mortgage) versus the possibility of selling after just a few years?

    – 1031 Exchange – any experience with this one?

    – Pros and cons of Single Family, Multi-family (2-4 units) and commercial (5+ units) purchases

    – Your favorite real estate websites: how you use them and why you love them… maybe better suited for hipsterinvestments instead of BP

    Thanks! Kristen

    • Ali

      Thanks, Kristen! I’m going to ponder all of these and see what I come up with. I won’t be able to do the 1031 exchange one because I don’t have any experience there, but I’m going to think about the other ones. I have some ideas for those, but not enough detailed knowledge to make a whole article out of it. So I’ll do some research and ask around and hopefully find enough info to be able to write on them! Thanks!

  • Nick

    Hey Ali,

    The mortgage part is a problem right now because I’m still in school finishing up my degree (3 more months away!!!) which means I don’t have a stable income at the moment.

    What I’m thinking about doing is marketing for properties in my local area and see if any of them would be willing to do an owner finance. Prices of properties in my area are pretty low and there are some duplexes on the market for around 60k. So that is plan for right now….do you think that sounds like a good idea?

    As for after graduation, I plan on getting an FHA loan and hopefully purchasing a 4 unit and live in one of them and rent the rest out. Even though my credit history is not very long, my fiance and I have credit scores around the 700 mark so I’m hoping it won’t be any problem qualifying for an FHA.

    Thanks so much!

    • Ali

      Hey Nick. I think that idea is perfect! Especially if you can get properties that cheap… I’m assuming they are cash-flowing? Just make sure they are and they don’t need any unexpected big repairs. You can also check Craigslist for listings. Sometimes you will find seller financing available ones. Keep in mind though seller financing will probably require some money down too, so just make sure you’re good there as well.

      I definitely think you are thinking smart about it!

  • Nick

    Hi Ali!

    Great job with your BP articles btw!

    I have yet to do my first deal and I’m very interested in multifamily and the passive income in can generate.

    I’m not starting out with much of my own money (only about 15k) but I want to be able to jump in and do a deal. I have been around rental property my whole life through my parents and grandparents and I realized at a young age that I HATED being a landlord. I would much rather pay a property manager to do the work for me but the issue is that I know many times with small deals such as duplexes, a property manager is not necessarily possible since the cashflow is too low.

    How would one go about doing their first deal on a property large enough to support a manager while only having 15k to their name?

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

    • Ali

      Thanks for the compliments, Nick! I really appreciate them. The big question- do you qualify for a mortgage? If you do, I know of properties that are around $50k, which means you’d need $10k for the down payment and right around $5k for closing costs. Perfect! And all of those have plenty of margin for managers, and in fact they come with them. Let me know about the mortgage part!

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