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If the recession — or depression, according to some — taught us anything, it taught us the need for reinvention and adaptation. The economic downturn changed everything: business models, methods of communication, and job markets all became radically different quite quickly. As we start to pick up the pieces and move forward, many of us feel overwhelmed by the need to learn new skills or new ways of doing things, whether it’s to hold onto a current job, make ourselves more marketable for a career change, or just get to where we want to be in life.

We live in a constantly changing world where everyone is clamoring to be heard; everyone wants to sell us their product or service, or they want to prove they’re the best person for the job; and, as each day ticks by, they’re finding more and more creative ways to do it (see the rise of social media, for example). It’s all enough to make our heads spin and, at worse, even make us feel like we’re drowning; however, some simple, classic words from Bruce Lee — the ultimate hipster who managed to make martial arts, self-discipline and philosophy cool for generations to come — can rescue us:

“Don’t get set into one form: adapt it and build your own, and let it grow; be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless —like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

Taken the right way, Lee’s words form a lifestyle philosophy that can keep us afloat during the stormy seas of life – and aren’t storms great, sometimes?

Structure can be limiting

Bruce Lee cautions us against attachment to old forms. Sometimes the traditional form or way of doing something — let’s say the 9-5 work day and lifestyle, for example — proves to be too limiting or even downright destructive to our souls and ambitions. What do we do? Be like water — we need to own our personal power and embrace the formlessness of life. We no longer have to see limitations in anything. Let’s go back to the traditional 9-5 work model: this model is rapidly changing, and entrepreneurship is on the rise. Look at this website, for example! Go with the flow – trust and venture out into uncharted waters. Allow things to grow organically and see what happens. This doesn’t mean jump into life without a plan; rather, it means we need to see the possibilities in change and not be afraid to reinvent ourselves. If we’re unhappy with our job, life, or both, be like the water — surge forward and find newness!

Embrace the new you

Change can be difficult and scary. Focus on the positives, though: you decide who you are and what you want to accomplish. Anything you put yourself into, whether it’s a new business venture, career, or side job, will contain your essence. Remember: it’s still you, no matter how much the outside trappings might have changed. Just like water becomes the bottle it’s poured into, your new ventures will be you.

Act in moderation and be patient

Bruce Lee tells us that water can flow or it can crash; it can be calm and reliable, or it can surge with power. It can also be dangerous when it’s not properly channeled. Take this property of water to heart: it’s good to be open and adaptive, but too much freedom and shapelessness is not a good thing. Don’t try to change everything at once; we can’t try to take on multiple projects that we don’t have time for. We need to pace ourselves and channel our energy into things that will give us the most return.

Key takeaway For Everyone

Change is an essential part of our existence, and welcoming it leads to success. A greater adaptability will get us farther in the current economic climate; it rewards confident risk takers who can go with the flow and adapt without falling apart or getting anxious. Calmness, confidence, and carefulness will pay off in the end. We need to find our courses and surge ahead!

Key Takeaway For Real Estate Investors
Be like Bruce Lee when it comes to investing: be like water. Be Patient. Tides ebb and flow: stick with them. Act in moderation. Exert patience. Be open to opportunity. Channel your energies into that which bring you the biggest ROI’s.









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  • Sara

    Such a good point – flexibility is an essential part of success in the tech age.

    From an investor’s standpoint, having patience is the difference between seeing a good ROI and losing out completely.

    Almost nobody beats the market consistently on a long enough timeline. Our best bet is to focus on investing for the long haul, and only patience & guts of steel can make this possible.

    • Ali

      Thank you, Sara – we appreciate your feedback a ton!!!!!

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