back-to-the-futureWhen you buy property, there’s just no way of knowing exactly what you’re buying,now is there? Sadly, Marty McFly (if you’re old enough to know who that is !) isn’t able to pump delicious pizzas into your time machine car and take you back to the future so you can see your home when it was first built – and what it will look like in two decades.

Yup: Pretty Simple. There’s No Time Machine For Going Back In Time And Checking Out Your Future Home (Then – or now)….
That being said – there’s a whole bunch you can do to both go back in time and fly into the future to find out where your potential property has been (and, of course, where it’s headed)….
Let’s take a look at how you can go back in time to investigate a property then – and then let’s take a look at how you can fast forward into the future…

1. Back To The Future 1: Your Property’s Past

What kind of heating does the house have? At Hipster, we deal with fully renovated homes so this one isn’t usually a big option for us. That being said, if you’re buying an older home – why not check out the heating source? Heck, press against the walls. Stable enough for you? Better yet, higher the area’s best building inspector! Some time now means big results going forward.

2.Back To The Future 2: Your Property’s Future

So – what does your home look like in the future? Will it hold up? Again, a fully renovated place (like Hipster promotes) will likely do you very well going forward. Vet your seller. Vet your vendor. Vet your contractor. Work with the people you know and trust. It pays off – big.  Go into town property records. What is planned? What big businesses are coming? Which ones are closing? Due diligence – your key words here!
Key Takeaway:
So – there isn’t a time machine that can whisk you away to wherever it is you want to go with a property. You must – and we repeat – must – due your due diligence (whether that means finding a promoter you LOVE, a seller you TRUST or a market whose numbers just make total sense for you.). Your key takeaway for today? Work harder- propel yourself back into the future (with pizza and delorians, of course!).

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