Ali's Starring in a Makeover Show!Yes! You absolutely read that right. Ali is starring in an episode of a makeover show. She may love camping, outdoors, the beach, rugby, and flying… but she’s also going to be on a makeover show this summer!

The show is on TLC, called Dare to Wear. The host and style expert, Tai Beauchamp, asks “two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum to switch perspectives by swapping wardrobes”. Far from the kind of TV debut she thought she’d have (and quite the embarrassing one, she says), but we’re all really looking forward to you guys watching it and catching Hipster shout outs!

The premiere is June 12th, but here’s the thing — we don’t know when Ali’s episode is airing!

So who here watches TLC? Or will watch it for us? This is where the contest comes in…

Hipster Contest!

We have a lifestyle design eBook that we just started putting together, and we would love to give one away to the first person to tell us when Ali’s episode is airing!

That’s right — all you have to do is find out when Ali’s episode on Dare to Wear is airing, shoot us an email at or comment below, and tell us which date to tell everyone to watch.

So if you already watch TLC, you’re ahead of the game in this challenge. Or if you’re an internet wizard or avid TV Guide follower, maybe you can get the answer quicker. Let’s see who it is! Once we know the answer, we’ll announce the winner here, on social media, and in our newsletter when we announce the air date of the show.

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  • Alex

    Wait, so does that mean that Ali is a “fashion disaster”? Can I be on the next makeover show? I need a new wardrobe!

    • Ali

      Ha…I wouldn’t say I’m a complete fashion disaster, but I definitely have room for improvement! I will say the intro outfit on the show is not exactly what I really wear during a normal day…

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