alis-makeover-show-announced-dare-to-wearWe recently announced that Ali is starring in a makeover show! The show is on TLC premiering June 12th, called Dare to Wear. The host and style expert, Tai Beauchamp, asks “two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum to switch perspectives by swapping wardrobes”. Far from the kind of TV debut she thought she’d have (and quite the embarrassing one, she says), but we’re all really looking forward to you guys watching it and catching Hipster shout outs!

Mark your calendar: Ali’s show airs on July 3rd July 9th!

[Addition/Change to the schedule] We know the date has been changed a couple times, but it’s no longer on the holiday weekend! If you still can’t watch it live, do you have a DVR? Record it! Or check the TV Guide and see when else it’s airing. Whatever you do, don’t miss it!!

And make sure to join with us on social to chat about it. We love connecting with and hearing from all of you there!

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