add-some-sriracha-to-lifeSo – you’ve got the life thing mastered. You’ve got cash flow. You’ve got buddies. You’ve got hobbies. A nice place to call home. Things are going pretty great. Awesome! All that being said – are you completely, totally, one hundred percent ecstatic to be alive and doing this whole life thing? We hope your answer is: YES! If not – and a lot of us might say no here – then it’s time to kick things up a notch with some life sriracha (aka everyone’s favorite hot sauce!). Here are some actionable steps to take today!

1. Play the Game of Risk

Do you take risks or do you play it safe? Are you most comfortable knowing you’re obeying all the rules or are you happiest knowing you’re putting yourself in line for true success? If you never take risks, you can’t get that high. Sure, you can enjoy the view – but there’s a pretty fabulous view up just a little higher. We are so not saying you should go climb a building or anything. But jumping out of a plane – with all the proper safety equipment and instructors? Now, that’s amazing.

2.Wear the Wrong Shoes

The artist Salvador Dali once said that if you want to change the way you live, you should put your shoes on wrong?? Yeah – he was a bit wacky. But! It’s an interesting idea. Do things differently. Don’t rely on the way things always are. If you usually start your day with a cup of coffee on the porch, trying getting a latte down the street at the new cafe. If you usually buy pizza out on Monday nights, try making your own. Wear the wrong shoes – but keep on walking!

3. Explore You

Get passionate about you. You’re unique. You’re one of a kind. And, chances are, you’ve got a whole lot to bring to the world. What are some interests you want to explore but don’t have the time or think it’s silly? Go explore them. Make time. Who cares about ‘silly’? The only thing that’s silly to us is wasted life. Our chief hipster, Ali Boone – is a go-go dancer, a pilot AND a real estate investor. What can you do or be?

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Sriracha makes everything taste better. Turn up the heat in your life and sprinkle some sriracha on it. Find the things you love. Seek the things you want. Stand in line for success. Go get ‘em!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
If you’re stuck in a real estate rut, time to get out of it. If you’ve been investing one way, try a new way. If you’ve been wanting to expand, but are worried about risk, rethink what’s holding you back. Explore your horizons. Go for it!

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