buy turnkey investment properties Well maybe you can be Donald Trump – you can be whoever you say you are (to a point), but certainly not all of us can or want to go that far. Anyway, you may find yourself asking:  what’s the point in delving into the world of real estate investing if I can’t be Donald Trump (or even close to it)?  Well, first things first, k? The planet can only sustain so many Donald Trumps all at once, after all.

Nope: We Can’t All Be Donald Trump

Just imagine the environmental impact if all of us had to spray that rocking hair ‘do into submission every day. That being said, it’s really up to you to set your own expectations for financial return on your cash flow – and to then devise the necessary strategies to meet your goals. So, just because you can’t necessarily be the next Trump, doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) shoot for the stars (or, in this case, the cash).

Dream: Like A Little Kid

Ask a bunch of eleven year-olds what they want to be when they grow up (seriously – do it, they want you to) and the responses are staggering: “a paleontologist…no, a video game designer…I wanted to be a firefighter, but now I think I want to be a horse doctor…or a pilot…a teacher…an actor…an artist… The possibilities are endless and exciting. It’s sweet and funny to hear them describe their fantasy futures, and it reminds us of our own outlandish aspirations – the ones we had before “real life” took over and filled our dream time with the need for security, stability, and all the tedious grown up things that keep us up at night. Children know what we’ve forgotten: that, within reason, we can be whatever we want.

Ask: What If?

What if you could set aside your fears for a moment and allow yourself the freedom to dream like a child? Where would your new dreams take you? Will you be a world traveler, a poet, or an artisanal pickle maker? What if real estate investment was the way to finding that freedom you once felt as a child…. Food for thought, huh?

Key Takeaway

You can’t be Donald Trump – hairstyle or not. Next, cash-flow makes dreams of all kinds happens. That being said: be bold, go big, and know that whatever road you take, it’s sure to take you somewhere extraordinary. Every adventure is a chance to gain a new skill set, new friends and connections, and new stories to tell. That summer spent working in an Alaskan fish hatchery or the pottery courses you laughed through at your local community college could very well be the experiences that lead you to realizing your ultimate dream – or realizing that you ultimately have dozens of dreams to pursue.
Once you’ve given yourself the freedom to set your own hours, put aside financial insecurity, and broken out of your cubicle, the opportunities for life-changing, dream-realizing possibilities are endless – and right in front of you – whether that’s investing in turnkeys or living the expat dream (or both).
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