3264631546_4cb0463c50If you find, or found, yourself tiring of the humdrum of day in and day out life in corporate America, you’re not alone. Cubicles kinda suck. They don’t have windows. They’re stuffy, hot and beyond cluttered. Cubicles feel temporary and cheap. They’re not comfortable. They’re loud and leave you open to annoying visits from your well-meaning but oh-so-boring co-workers. Yuck.  One thing full-time real estate investors get to leave behind is that depressing cubicle life, once and for all! Most real estate investors have, at some point, dreamed up an escape from their cubicles and those, to reference the movie Office Space, endless TPS reports. Let’s look at the pros and con’s of escaping corporate America’s sea of cubicles by going into real estate investment full time!

Efficiency Rocks

You know how there are probably 100 or more worthless tasks you must do on a weekly basis that you probably could eliminate if given the chance? When you work for yourself, as a real estate investor, you get that chance. No more sending out five emails to five bosses about a missing comma, no more trying to dodge the non-stop talker from cubicle 21, and no more two plus hour commute. When you work for yourself, you get to tell your time where you want to go. Once you’ve got a flow going on, true time management is an amazing feeling that you wouldn’t trade for all the cubicles in the whole wide world!


Swimming Pools Rock

It’s a fact (almost); pools rock. When you’re a real estate investor, you make your own hours (most of the time). That means the world is your oyster. If you’d rather be reclining on a retro lounger by the Ace Hotel Palm Springs, as an investor, you can do exactly that. Your former coworkers will be back in their gray cubicles filing another report that looks exactly like all the reports they’ve done since the start of their careers, and you….well, you just ordered up another mint julep (made to order complete with sprigs of fresh lavender…yum). You can check out listings from the comfort of your smartphone, call up your property manager, and check out your growing bank account, all while working on your bodacious tan.


Getaways Rock

Once upon a time, way back when you were still in corporate America, you probably had to sit through hours of HR slideshows and monotone speakers along with your other, equally as bored coworkers. Poor things! Though there are always things to be learned from such events, the truth is, there are probably better ways to do so. For example, hiking the rockies will teach you the kinds of people and team skills that even the most well-schooled HR person would salivate over. As an investor, you’ll have the time to getaway from it all, do some deep thinking, and come back reinvigorated and with new perspectives; something you just can’t get in corporate development today.


The key takeaway here is that when you’re an investor, you’re in charge of everything. You’re not wasting time doing a job that just doesn’t do it for you; and you don’t waste time doing menial tasks that you know the company would be better off without. You name your goals and you go out and get them. You get to pick where you work, whether it’s from home or at the Ace Hotel. When you’re feeling fried, you can get a ski pass up a mountain and find inspiration from the top of a chairlift. Real estate investors truly think outside the box, or rather, the cubicle!


Where would your favorite place to work from be if you were free to work wherever you wanted?

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