5.5 Ways to Never Fully Succeed as a Real Estate InvestorIs your goal to succeed or to fail?

Good, then this article is for you. Some of the easiest ways to delay success in real estate investing are:

  • Not knowing all of the options or paths out there
  • Spending time and money inefficiently
  • Burning bridges

5.5 Ways to Never Fully Succeed In Real Estate

Sure, you might see some or a lot of success, but you are certain to max out prematurely if you follow these 5 ½ simple rules:

1. Don’t Ask for Help, Ever

Pride is way more important than seeking help from anyone. I mean, just because other people have done what you are trying to do and figured out what works and what doesn’t, and learned the most efficient ways of doing things and things to look out for, why consult with them?

It would certainly be more rewarding to make all of the exact same mistakes on your own and be able to experience them yourself rather than skipping right on to the good parts. How could anyone claim to be amazing if all they do is use other people’s ideas and not reach the exact same conclusions themselves?

2. Don’t Learn from Your Mistakes

This one is also critically important for keeping your pride. First, don’t ever fess up to making a mistake! God help us if someone were to realize you aren’t perfect. I mean, your resume would be shot, you’d look like an idiot, and who would ever trust your opinion again?

Second, whatever mistake you (didn’t) make, don’t go back to it and figure out what you could have done differently. That would just be admitting defeat.

3. Repeat Your Mistakes

 After you don’t fess up to or learn from your (non-)mistakes, be sure to repeat them again. The more times, the better. You will definitely improve more as an investor if you just focus on your own methods and making them work in whatever way possible, rather than trying something else.

Whoever said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity was clearly just trying to come up with an excuse for why his original methods weren’t working and he had to try other things.

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