Ali Boone, Founder
Ali Boone, Founder

I am Ali.

I buy real estate investments. My degree is in aerospace engineering. Turns out, I’m not really an engineer. I row competitively. I am a published conference paper author. Camping, outdoors, the beach, and sunshine make me very happy. I support two incredibly cute Pekingese dogs. I try to play rugby, but I’m constantly reminded I’m too small. I eat healthy (try to) and I love working out. I’d rather work 100 hours in a week on my own schedule than 40 on someone else’s. I fly airplanes. I’m from Atlanta and Miami, but live in Los Angeles. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish since I was 10.



I can send you to where you want to go to meet the people you want to meet.


I’m pretty funny.


Real Estate Investor
Rugby Player
Beach Bum
Go-Go Dancer

Jackie McGinnis
The Ambassador of Buzz
Jackie McGinnis, The Ambassador of Buzz

Super organized with an eye for detail, Jackie directs Hipster’s marketing efforts all across the web, from eBooks to events and beyond. She’s a self-described nerd, and loves creative planning almost as much as reading under a blanket with a cup of tea. Unless it's raining; then she's outside dancing.

Online Strategist, Introvert
Texan, Rockin’ Violinist, Mommy,
House Gryffindor

Melissa Looper
 The Right-hand Woman
Melissa Looper

Melissa has been working behind the scenes in real estate for 10 years. She’s joined Ali at Hipster and loves everything Hipster is about! Don’t be surprised if you reach out to Hipster and hear back from her. Be warned though- she’s convinced lifestyle design is awesome and may tell you as much!

Ali’s Right-Hand Woman,
Communications Rockstar, Workaholic, Soccer Mom

Florin Giurgiu
the Go-To Techie
Florin, the Go-To Techie

The token male of the group, Hipster wouldn't exist without this guy. Florin has stepped in more than once and saved Ali from throwing her computer out the window, can do anything web-related in only minutes, and anything with a microchip is only putty in his hands. No challenge too great!

Web programmer, Ali’s Savior,
Car Nut, Wannabe Merman,
Lives in Romania!

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FYI, the webinar is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.

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