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A number of unique market forces are coalescing to make Kansas City uniquely favorable for real estate investors right now.

Kansas City MSA home prices soared over 8% in 2018 and have continued to climb in 2019! Plus job growth is booming, unemployment is well below the national average, cost of living is low, and population growth is increasing year after year.

Kansas City is being developed as a strategic rail-hub to serve all points in the U.S. and BNSF Railway Company is the anchor of a $1.45 Billion project that is already underway converting 1,500 acres of farmland into warehouse and distribution facility.

Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway has invested $44 Billion into intermodal freight transport operations run by BNSF, because it is increasingly faster and cheaper for companies to move freight by rail rather than trucks.

On top of that, the Cerner Corporation has already begun construction on a $4.5 Billion campus that will be 290 acres and is expected to create 16,000 new jobs in.

While home prices are on the rise, Kansas City has also maintained an unemployment rate below the national average producing high rental demand from tenants with stable jobs.

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