Webinar: How to Execute a 1031 Exchange for Maximum Tax Benefits

Want to discover how to properly execute a “1031 Exchange” and accelerate your wealth building velocity?

This webinar will show you how this powerful section of the tax code makes it legally possible to never pay capital gains tax or depreciation recapture on your rental properties IF… you follow the 7 Requirements:

  • The “Held For” Requirement
  • The 45 Day Identification Period (and what has to be in writing, with whom)
  • The 180 Day Exchange Period
  • The Qualified Intermediary requirement (and how to find a secure, experienced QI)
  • The “Same Taxpayer” rule for Title requirements
  • The “Equal or Up” rule for Re-investment requirements
  • The “Act Prior to Closing” rule

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FYI, the webinar is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.