“I ran across a forum post written by Ali which I thought was very informative while I was studying how to start investing in real estate and reach out to her for an initial consultation. She is an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. coach and mentor, listening to my needs and providing timely advice and connecting me with the right people. One of the problems with the internet is that there is so much information freely available, it is sometimes very difficult to distinguish between what is reliable and relevant to your situation and what’s not. Ali’s advice allowed me to make decisions related to investment much faster by cutting through the clutter and I am in the process of closing on my first property. She is also reliable, super easy to work with, provides honest feedback and I never felt being pushed in a certain direction. I think she had a video for almost every question I had, so if you are new to real estate investing, especially turn key, I would suggest checking out her YouTube channel. If you like what you see, I highly recommend signing up for a group coaching session. I definitely see myself continue to work with Ali in the future.”

Jae Shin
Santa Barbara, CA

“I am a huge fan of Ali Boone’s! I have watched her videos, read her book and have spoken to her a few times about turnkey rentals. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the real estate investment industry. So, when I heard that she was doing group coaching to help investors, I immediately signed up. During her group coaching, she does a one-on-one style session with one person at a time while allowing the other participants to listen in and learn. I had a real-life scenario that I posed to Ali about renting or selling a primary home. She gave me a lot to consider and made great points that I did not think about on my own. She really helped me to make the decision to sell. She is an invaluable resource, has great insight and always willing to share her experience. I highly recommend working with her and attending her group coaching sessions! She really is amazing!”

Pamela Egan
Williamsburg, VA

“Ali is an exceptional coach/mentor. She went through in detail about the turnkey process, what to expect from the market, and how to achieve them. Most of the questions I had were already explained in her YouTube videos which saved my time and pocket. The thing I really liked about her during our conversation and email interactions- I never felt she was trying to sell me something. I would highly recommend anyone who is new to Real Estate go through her videos and educate yourself and if you need a helping hand and a mentor, get in touch with her.”

Tanveer Ahmed
Plano, TX

“I first heard Ali on a podcast, and realized that her approach to real estate investing was one of the smartest I had heard. As a long time homeowner, I know there can be many unknowns in purchasing a property (especially when doing so out of your local area). Ali’s team walked me through the purchase of my first rental home and removed my fear of an out of state purchase. I now own a cash flowing property in Indianapolis. I learned a lot in the process. I would certainly do it again.”

Mike Riba
Los Angeles, CA

“It’s been a pleasure working with Hipster Investments to facilitate investing in turnkey properties. I’ve wanted to invest in real estate ever since I witnessed my parents doing so throughout their careers but real estate in my area became so expensive that it didn’t seem possible. I decided to identify ideal markets for rental properties outside of my area but finding all the resources (seller, property manager, mortgage broker, insurance broker) was the biggest challenge when I started. After touching base with Phil Alexander he showed me that there are neighborhoods in big cities across the country that are perfect for stable real estate investments with high cap rates, AND he got me in touch with all the necessary individuals. Coordinating with the seller of the house and the property manager early on was helpful when deciding to pull the trigger. The only thing I would do differently is identify the best individual to handle my mortgage very early ahead of time. Would definitely work with Hipster Investments again, and am currently pondering which will be my next property.”

Armen Mekhdjian
San Mateo, CA

“Being a first time investor is tough, being a first time investor from out of state is even tougher. I spent 12 months reading books and researching the best option to start investing in real estate. I live in a very expensive market so I was researching how to invest from out of state. After several months of researching and looking through the forums I found Ali at Hipster investments. I reached out to her so I could get her experience as an out of state investor who invested in turn key properties. After our conversation I finally got the confidence that I needed to move forward and buy two turn key properties. She is a great resource!”

Nate P.
Denver, CO

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Hipster. Not only did Ali give me guidance and make introductions that facilitated my first turnkey purchase, but she has continued to be a helpful resource. Ali and Hipster truly stand behind their services. Working with them feels like more than just real estate; it’s a relationship. I will definitely continue to work with Hipster.”

Joe Wurzburger
Mount Prospect, IL

“Hipster Investments has been instrumental in purchasing my very first investment property. They helped me navigate through the whole process from deal analysis to closing by providing me tools and timely advise. Ali and team are very knowledgeable and highly regarded in real estate investing. I absolutely recommend checking them out especially if you’re looking for turnkey real estate!”

Lawrence P.
Tustin, CA

“I can’t say enough about Ali and Hipster.  When buying a property out of state it can often be challenging to say the least.  It is great to know that Ali and her team is willing to not only hold your hand along the way, but help provide support even after you purchase a property.  Hipster has been an integral part of my real estate success and I would highly recommend working with Hipster to newbies and seasoned investors alike.”

Ryan W.
Los Angeles, CA

“Hipster Investments has been a great resource for me to use during the past two years. The Hipster team constantly provides literature to not only to educate but also to motivate new/young real estate investors. They are constantly analyzing properties and sharing them with their community. They take all the things one wishes they would have known when they started and share it with the community. Turn-key investing is always a hot topic in conversations and I am always glad to direct friends to Hipster Investments to get them started. I am very grateful to have found HI and look forward to what’s to come.”

Guerrero Lopez
Santa Rosa, CA

“Ali is truly a gem and an incredible resource to have on all sides of REI. She is so genuine with so much enthusiasm for helping people create the life they want through passive income, it’s infectious! As a first time investor, Ali empowered me with her knowledge and experience and was so giving with everything she has learned herself. Ali is truly on your side and has your back in any situation. She is the best secret weapon to have in your pocket! On top of all of that, she is incredibly approachable and super fun to work with. Ali is a total rock star!”

Shannon Bae
Los Angeles, CA

“Finding Hipster Investments is truly the best thing that has happened to me in my real estate investing thus far.  Ali and the team were so helpful, answering every little question I could come up with before I was ready to take the next step.  They put me in touch with a great turn-key investment group and just three months later, I bought my first turn-key property!  It’s providing better cash flow for me than anything else I have found on my own.  The team at Hipster is friendly, very responsive, and does a great job at putting the first-time turn-key investor at ease – I will definitely be working with them on future purchases!”

Mandi R.
Denver, CO

“Hipster Investments has helped me through my first real estate deal, and made the journey much smoother. They are such a friendly and responsive team, and the guidance they have provided me with has been precious. I was able to close on my first property within months of working with Hipster, and more importantly, I was able to feel confident about my progress because of the knowledge and experiences they have shared with me. By working with the team, I learned more about real estate investing, and achieved my first real estate goal. I have nothing but positive experiences with Hipster Investments and Ali, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Kenton C.
New York, New York

“I spend most of my time working overseas, so turn-key investing was my only option for real estate investments. After doing some research, I was lucky enough to get in touch with Ali. She put me in contact with a turn-key investment company and within six months I had two properties that are producing great returns. Ali has been great as a point of contact for me, always going above and beyond when I have any questions regarding my investments. I honestly don’t even bother getting in touch with the investment company because it’s so much easier to just email Ali and she deals with whatever issue I might have immediately. I couldn’t have hoped for a better better first contact for getting into real estate investing!”

Reid Westbrook
Seattle, WA

“It is great working with Ali! After a lot of consultation, she provided direction for my goals and connected me with turn-key providers who assisted with the purchase of an amazing investment property that produces a great return! I look forward to future acquisitions with Ali’s help!”

Jason Boddie
Huntsville, AL

“Ali is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Ali has been instrumental in helping me realize my dream of becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur. After years of not taking action to go after my dream, I started working with Ali about 6 months ago. She “introduced” me to out-of-state turnkey investing.  Out-of -state investing was not even on my radar. During this short period of time, Ali connected me to other investors and I recently closed on my first investment property! She was so helpful throughout the process. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping others achieve their goals is remarkable. I am filled with SO MUCH gratitude to have someone like her in my corner.  I look forward to acquiring additional properties with Ali’s mentorship and support. Thank you Ali!”

Michelle Martin
Springfield, VA

“We have worked with Ali for at least two years now, and in this time we have built a relationship like no other professional relationship we have ever developed. From the moment we met Ali we were infused with her positive, caring, helpful, professional, can do attitude to business and we couldn’t believe our luck! not only has Ali assisted us with finding some great US property deals she has also become a great mentor. Ali was always available to us with any questions we had and if she didn’t know the answers she would find them. We would be more than happy to recommend Ali to anyone that was seriously looking at increasing their property portfolio or just starting.”

Michelle Mitri
Sydney, Australia

“Ali, you are without a doubt, a rockstar! Thanks for your time, energy, good humor, and spirited commitment to your craft. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I will certainly keep in touch as my real estate investment journey continues to unfold.”

Ben Hodge
Baltimore, MD

“I stumbled onto a site several weeks ago that churned my real estate gears once again. Hipster Investments.
I spent some time reviewing several key pieces of information from the turnkey rental aspect considering overall investment to income potential and had to speak with the Hipster spokesperson. Ali Boone has some outstanding information and calculations you can use to determine a good turnkey rental income property. She had indicated Atlanta as a hot zone for real estate and while reviewing her claims I found that she was absolutely right…”
[…] Read the full testimonial here

Charles Thomas
Chicago, IL

“Ali has great connections- last year she hooked us up with a company that helped us find and purchase our first investment property, which has given us a fantastic return!”

Renna Wolfe
La Jolla, CA

“When I first became interested in out-of-state investing, I had no idea on how to get started. Luckily I met Ali, and with her help, I was able to accelerate through the initial learning stages that tend to trip up a lot of newbie investors. She helped me get connected with the right people, teams, and markets to allow for a smooth process from beginning to end. Further, Ali is AWESOME, and will respond to any questions you may have in a timely fashion. She has a strong enthusiasm for real estate investing, and likes to see others succeed. Since then, I’ve gotten my brother on board and we’ve been acquiring multiple turnkey properties, one after another. The fun is just getting started!”

Somewhere, CA

“Ali rocks! she is one in a million! I had zero experience, connection, or education regarding real estate, never imagined that I would be able to have an investment property, but… I do now! Besides the fact that she introduced me to the great opportunity, during the process, there were always little things that popped up unexpected, but these were always put right straight away by my special guardian angel named Ali Boone. Not only did Ali help and educate me, but she was always, always there for me every step of the way. She is very personable, honest, trustworthy and super funny, and her respond time was crazy quick, I I always feel like I was supported and not on my own.I would not have been able to do it without her. Thank you Ali.”

Miho Hirozawa
Gardena, CA

  • Jae Shin
  • Pamela Egan
  • Tanveer Ahmed
  • Mike Riba
  • Armen Mekhdjian
  • Nate P.
  • Joe Wurzburger
  • Lawrence P.
  • Ryan W.
  • Guerrero Lopez
  • Shannon Bae
  • Mandi R.
  • Kenton C.
  • Reid Westbrook
  • Jason Boddie
  • Michelle Martin
  • Michelle Mitri
  • Ben Hodge
  • Charles Thomas
  • Renna Wolfe
  • Anonymous
  • Miho Hirozawa

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