In-Person Fly-n-Buy Property Tour: Harrisburg, PA

Discover cash-flowing rental properties in the heart of Pennsylvania’s commonwealth! Join us for a Fly-and-Buy Property Tour in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Feb 29-March 1, 2020!

You will get to…

  • Walk the neighborhoods and tour the properties
  • Meet the Harrisburg ground team that renovates, leases and manages the properties
  • Get access to an off-market buying opportunity for cash flowing rental properties
  • Discover why Harrisburg is so advantageous for real estate investors in 2020

We are going to take you out to dinner on Saturday night (it’s on us!) and then Sunday kicks off with a half-day mini-conference where we are going to go deep on a number of important topics:

You Will Learn:

  • Why the Harrisburg MSA is uniquely advantageous for real estate investors
  • Which specific neighborhoods are the best for owning rental properties
  • How to make your money when you buy and insulate yourself from a market downturn
  • How the properties are renovated and leased
  • How to Conduct Your Out-of-State Due Diligence Before Closing
  • How to Oversee Your Property Management After Closing

Plus, if you decide to buy a property, all of your expenses for airfare and hotel will be fully refunded (Up to $500) by the seller at closing!

Reserve your spot now:

If you have any questions before signing up for the trip, reach out to us here.

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Thanks for your interest in the Fly-n-Buy Property Tour!

FYI, the event is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.