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The Charlotte, North Carolina MSA is one of the nation’s most explosive growth markets with home prices appreciating over 13% in 2020 alone, and appreciating over 53% in the last 5 years!

Known as “The Financial Capital of the South”, Charlotte is the biggest financial center in the U.S. after New York City, and it’s home to both Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Oh, and it’s the Pimento cheese capital of the world too.

Charlotte is the home of 9 Fortune 500 Companies and 18 Fortune 1,000 companies with job growth booming and unemployment significantly below the national average. Charlotte also has lower than average home prices, lower than average cost of living, but an incredible quality of life.

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New Construction Single Family Rental Properties are available in established, owner-occupied neighborhoods. All properties come with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops in the kitchen and baths, and a 2-10 builder warranty. Your deposit stays in escrow until closing, and the preferred property manager is standing by to lease your property as soon as you close.

Deal Highlights:

  • Fully-renovated Single Family Rental Properties in Majority Owner-Occupied Communities

  • Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel Appliances and a 2-10 Builder Warranty

  • Your Deposit Stays in Escrow Until Closing

  • $275,000 Average Purchase Price

  • 5% Average Cap Rate

Charlotte Market:

  • 13.6% Home Price Appreciation in 2020

  • 53.1% Home Price Appreciation in the Last 5 Years

  • 20% Population Growth in the Last Decade

  • Home of 9 Fortune 500 Companies including Bank of America and Wells Fargo

  • Unemployment well below the National Average

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