Rental Property Numbers so Easy You Can Calculate Them on a Napkin

In this industry, you’ll want to learn to love the numbers. Love them like they are part of you. For good or for bad, ‘til death do you part, never leave the numbers. One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how I analyze a property once I find it. What do I do, what […]

How To Invest In Real Estate Like Robert Kiyosaki (Even With A Full Time Job)

Do you want to become a successful investor like Robert Kiyosaki? Yet don’t have the time to actually look at enough investment properties… Or know what separates a good deal from a bad one? By the end of this article, you’ll know how to buy investment properties that put money in your pocket every month […]

5 Points to Seriously Consider Before You Jump Into that House Hack

“House hacking” is a popular term for buying a property that you live in yourself, and you also rent out part of it. Most often this would be buying a multi-family property and living in one unit while you rent out the other units, but it could also be that you buy a single-family property […]

How Rental Properties Make It 4X Easier to Retire Young

Don’t want to work forever? Me neither. I want to retire while I’m young and fit. Write novels. Work at a winery for fun. Be there for my (yet unborn) kids. And travel. My wife and I visit around ten countries each year and spend nine months of the year overseas. So I’m a bit […]

What to Hate about Owning Rental Properties

I’d be amiss if I only ever told you the good things about real estate investing. Not to be cliché, but if it were that easy, everyone would do it. And whether it’s easy or hard, the other reality is that it does come with things that some people just flat out aren’t going to […]

What to Do if You Don’t Have Enough Money to Invest

One of the biggest challenges with real estate investing, or any kind of investing, is having the capital in the first place so we can make investments. If we all could start with $1 million cash, investing wouldn’t be so difficult! But most of us aren’t starting with that. So, what do you do if […]

What are Turnkey Rental Properties and Should You Be Buying Them?

What is this magic phrase we keep using—turnkey rental properties? Turnkey (also spelled “turn key” and “turn-key”) technically refers to the condition of a property. The idea behind the phrase is that all you need to do is turn the key in the door and you’re making money on day one. This means that the […]

Things to Look for When Shopping for a Rental Property

Do you know what to look for when you start shopping for rental properties? How can you tell a good rental property from a bad one? What makes a rental property a good deal? How do you know you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot by buying a rental property that will never offer you […]

The True Rockstar of Real Estate Investing: Leveraging

Most people get into real estate investing in order to develop some level of wealth creation. Maybe an average investor isn’t looking to make millions overnight by investing, but they are looking to do something smart with their money still the same. Or, someone may be trying to make millions overnight by investing. What’s unique […]